Here to find out all the things about me that you wish you never knew?

The more I branch out into the blog-o-sphere, I realize that these "about me" pages are actually pretty interesting and helpful for me to know you and your baggage. Did I say baggage? I mean, your wonderful, interesting story!

So, I'll attempt to give you some of mine and hopefully it'll help explain some of the nonsensical labels on the right or a glimpse into why I'm typing the crap I'm typing.

I have created three version with an explanatory preface:

Very Long Preface
1. Short Version
2. Very Short Version 
3. Very Long Version

Take your pick.


Very Long Preface

I started my blog at the end of high school. I initially got one because I had a few friends who were a few years older than me who had blogs that I read regularly and loved. I thought it was a great way to share thoughts, or whatever, but I mostly saw it as a place that was prettier than Facebook to share my photos. So I made one. It's been with me for about five years now and although there have been times where I've been extremely dedicated as well as entirely forgetful, I really love that I have my blog. There are pieces of it that are obvious reflections of a young person coming into her own--as there still is--and parts of it feel embarrassing to me, but I just can't delete things. But, every now and then I get this weird feeling of everyone-can-find-anything-they-want-about-me-on-the-Internet panic that I worry about and wonder if I'll be passed on for a job because of how they found that one blog post where I misused a word or actually just made up words (ex. laxadaisical) in order to sound like a more important human. Hopefully this future employer will embrace my Millennial status and just be grateful that I didn't start my blog when I was 14.

So I started my blog as a place to share my photos. I have a great interest in photography that started when I was a young teen. My dad was a photography major in college and spent a portion of his career working in that business, so I'd been exposed (get it?!) to the world of photography for quite some time. But when I got my first digital camera when I was 15, I got really into it.

Now, I don't want to claim to be something that I'm not here. I'm not a complete genius with cameras nor do I think I am all that, but I really like taking photos and the processes involved and I've been fortunate enough to be able to make some money on the side throughout my college years. I don't know where I'll go exactly with photography, but I know I won't stop doing it, b'cuz it's like totes useful, u no? 

Eventually my blog became a place for more than just photos. While I haven't always been consistent
on sharing my life details, I have at least given a glimpse into the major events over the last few years, but in case you haven't been here the whole time and/or had more valuable things to do with your time, I'll give you a brief history of me, in three completely accurate versions. (This is probably the part you were actually wanting to read when you opened this page.)


1:  Short Version
Standard Lifestyle Blogger Profile

Anna. Lady. Twenty-something. Wife to my best friend. Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Lover of photography. Aggie. Resident of the land of the baguette and lover of travel. Eater of Indian food and chocolate covered cinnamon bears (but not at the same time). Listener of cheesy pop songs and Radiohead. Reader of young adult novels and The Onion. Watcher of mockumentaries and Saturday Night Live. Dreamer.


2: Very Short Version
Ironically Short, But Still Completely Accurate Blogger Profile

Anna. Female. 23. Spouse. Student. Mormon. Interested in media, food and travel.


3: Very Long Version
The Great American Blogger Profile

My name is Anna (in case you happened to click on this page and miss that piece of information) and I am 23 years old. I grew up in the small, but bustling city full of Caucasian (97%) Mormons (98%) known as Centerville, Utah. I happen to be part of that majority and I am proud of it (the Mormon part, I mean). I have an older brother and sister who are smart, funny and artsy and a mom and dad who are also smart, funny and artsy.

After a childhood full of reaping the benefits and suffering the consequences of being the youngest, I had a good time with life as a teenager (although my mom probably felt otherwise). I was involved with school and really enjoyed it and I had a lot of good friends in many circles. I spent most of my time in choir, art and English classes. I left high school sad to leave a place that I had come to love, but excited to start school and to be an on my own.

I went to Utah State for my first year of college where I had a great time being a freshman. I loved being independent and I loved my classes, but after my first year, I decided to transfer to the University of Utah for a different program. After transferring, I made some stupid decisions regarding work and school and ended up hating my situation and all that was involved with it. I wasn't happy at all and I felt like I was at a dead end.

After months of depression and dissatisfaction, I applied to go to Ecuador for three months to work with orphaned children through a humanitarian group. My sister had done the same program when she was around my age and I felt like it was a good and useful thing for me to do while I tried to get my crap together.

It ended up being a life-changing experience that bettered me in more ways that I could have ever expected. I truly fell in love with some of those kids and I felt much-needed peace and happiness that helped and healed me. (To see my posts from my time there, click here.)

While I was there, I realized I loved documenting my life and writing about it. I felt a lot of joy from being able to share experiences I had while I was there and photos of the beautiful scenery and people in Cuenca and the funny things kids said. So, while in the midst of getting my aforementioned crap together, I felt strongly inclined to go back to Utah State to study journalism and communications.
After some re-applying, I was set to go back to Utah State in the fall, where I lived with my older sister and my best friend. I excelled in the classes in my major and I made a lot of great, new friends, my future husband being one of them.

I carried on in Logan at Utah State and had a fantastic time and school and with my friends. The next fall, I talked my friend Ian into dating me (after a long year of will-you-pleeeease-marry-me love from me and we're-just-really-good-friends love from him) and it stuck. We got engaged in January and after Ian graduated from USU and I finished up my junior year, we got hitched on June first in the Salt Lake Temple. (To see photos from my wedding, click here.)

After a summer of early mornings and long-work hours, we packed up our things and moved to France for eight months where Ian is currently a language assistant in a high school and I am reaping the benefits of French food and an easy (non-existent) work schedule and we're having a fantastic time. We're incredibly lucky to be having this experience, especially in our first year of marriage, but we wouldn't be here if Ian wasn't so driven and motivated. I'm proud of him and all that he does. (To read more about our situation here, click here.)

We'll go back to Logan next fall for my last year of school, and then we'll start to the terrifying, but exhilarating process of...grad school? Work in Salt Lake? Open a restaurant? Work for the government? Doctorate degree? Work on the east coast? More France? Kids?

We'll see when we get there.