Paige + Kevin

This is my dear, dear childhood BFF Paige. She's getting married in May and I am just so happy for her and Kevin. Marriage is wonderful and I know Paige will be a wonderful wife.

There's always a sense of protection that you automatically feel when your best friends are getting married, even though they're their own person. This whole shoot gave me this wonderful feeling of peace and confidence in these two and their relationship. There were so many little things that Kevin did that made it so evident that he loves Paige and he loves her dearly. And I love seeing people fall in love with the friends that I love.

Sniff. I just love Paige and I can't wait to see her tie the knot. Happy wedding, dearest Paige and Kevin!


Twenty Fifteen

No better time than 11 months late to post a year-in-review, right? (Finished writing this up in November of 2016. Shame on me.) Here's my 2015 recap because I always love reading these:

- Started my final semester of college
- Was introduced to Professor Thorley, teacher of the French
- Anchored, produced, and did tech work for A-TV
- Explored Ogden eateries
- Worked for USU athletics, shot a lot of basketball
- Made a quilt!
- Spent many evenings driving to Deweyville and soaking in some Crystal Hot Springs
- Ian started decided to start the process to join the Air Force
- Sang with the USU big bands at the Sky Club
- Was spoiled with a million donuts for Valentines
- Had the best Spring Break with Joe and Josey
- Hiked Angels Landing, sort of (started crying before I got to the top because I was so scared)
- Saw Cirque de Soleil's show Zarkana in Vegas
- Played card games for hours in St. George with the Hills
- Took Ian to the ER after he almost sliced his finger off in the blender
- Bought a hundred fat boys (not an exaggeration)
- Cried over a fat boy
- Watched my precious nephew William search for Easter eggs
- FINALLY went to baby animal days
- Became an ATO sweetheart
- Celebrated Ian's 26th birthday
- Dressed as SheHulk with my very own Hulk for ATO's superhero 5k
- Went to Lava Hot Springs
- Landed a dedication by the Utah Statesman (totally forced by my own self)
- Concluded my work with A-TV news--anchored our final show!
- Had Ian write one of my final papers for one of my last classes taken at USU--literally couldn't have graduated without him
- Played a show with Ian at Why Sound and Children of the North
- Adopted our little pup Mister!
- Graduated with my bachelors degree from Utah State! Oh, sweet mercy.
- Moved to Davis County
- Worked at the Big Ass Show
- Started my internship with Radio From Hell on X96 (good morning)
- Folded t-shirts at the Gap
- Played spikeball!
- Saw the Weepies play at the Depot
- Celebrated two years of wonderful marriage in Park City
- Shot a few weddings
- Went to the Manti temple
- Played at Boondocks and Lagoon
- Got a job as an audio technician at Fox  (more early mornings)
- Went to a Bees game
- Got a job at Lush
- Got my first big girl job at KSL
- Went to my first rodeo at the Utah State Fair
- Was a part of one of my favorite weddings--Charley and Shelby Riddle
- Watched halloween horror films on the regular with my friends
- Went to the Homecoming football game at USU
- Saw Mew in concert
- Welcomed my little niece baby Everly!
- Did a session with the whole Thorley family at the Salt Lake Temple
- Said goodbye to dear TJ as he left to go on the same mission as Ian
- Celebrated Halloween as Freddie Mercury and his killer queen
- Laughed at Joe and Josey dressed as Ian and Anna
- Had my funnest birthday ever at Boondocks bowling and playing video games with my friends and Dad
- Saw Big Fish at Hale Center Theater
- Celebrated Thanksgiving three times!
- Made an advent calendar for Ian
- Perfomed with Ian in the 4th Starry Night concert
- Saw the MoTab Christmas concert
- Saw Looney Toons cartoons accompanied by the Utah Symphony at Abravanel Hall
- Enjoyed Krampus
- Talked with TJ on Christmas
- Cried when Ian gave me a teddy bear that he had made me for Christmas
- Delighted in dear Paige's engagement to Kevin
- Spent a lovely evening at La Caille courtesy of Lush
- Celebrated New Years Eve with Japanese food at the Hills and a fancy cheese party with our friends