^^Various photos from various places in Spain and France. How's that for some detailed captioning.^^

Hi friends.
This is the part where I apologize for not blogging (again) and say "it's not because nothing's happening, it's because so much is happening" (like always) and then blame my poor resources (bleaaaaaah) and that I'm soooo sorry about it and then yada, yada, yada.

So much, REALLY THOUGH, has happened. Skyler came to visit, I endured some of the worst travel I've ever experienced to go back to Utah for my best friend's wedding, enjoyed that beautiful, beautiful wedding, returned to France and reunited with my worse half, then welcomed Ali and Adam (the aforementioned newlyweds) to Bordeaux for a short visit for their honeymoon and topped it off with a grand celebration of Ian's 25th birthday that I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. 

It has been a whirlwind few months and we are swiftly approaching the time for us to go back to America. It seems to be coming too soon, but both Ian and I are ready for it. We've completely loved our experience here and treasured our second honeymoon, but it's always felt like just an adventure and that it was a temporary thing. I'm excited and ready to go back to the US and to finally finish up my school and enter the realm of big-girl-pants adult jobbery. Even that is only a short-term thing, but it'll be settling down for a moment. And then, we'll be off on another adventure.

But for now, we're on a glorious vacation touring the south of France and a bit of Spain with Ian's parents. We'll go back to Bordeaux for a week to finish things up, and then we'll meet my family in Paris for our final farewell to France (for now at least). Once we head home, Ian and I will promptly get in a car and power trip to Pennsylvania for the summer for another job and another adventure on the east coast.

It'll be an exciting month full of lots of changes and adjustments. (I have completely forgotten what it's like to have a job...halp me.)

That's the update for now. To all of you that might still be following me on here, I appreciate your devoted and undeserved loyalty, you precious people!!!!!!!!!!!! (Meaning you, Mrs. Aimee Brown.)

I do want to say, even though I sorta hate to say it, but Instagram has become that younger, more beautiful social media mistress to me. I'm working on not neglecting this place, but for now, it's proven to be a bit of an easier platform for me. So, if you want more social media bombarding from me, check me out there. My name is iamnamedanna.

That's all, folks. Thanks again for reading!!!!!!!!!