Baby Jude

I've never taken baby photos before. But when dear Brissa brought her lil' babe into the world, I wanted to capture some photos of their sweetest Jude. These were taken five days after she arrived.

I think Brissa and Cory are some of the best people I know and I've been so blessed to get to know them over the last few years. I loved seeing small a glimpse of them as parents--they will, no doubt, be the cool parents everyone wishes were theirs. Seeing their pure love and sheer excitement for their new addition assured it.

Thanks for letting me see a slice of your lives, Brissa, Cory and cutest Jude!



A month? It’s been a month? 

It’s not for lack of trying! It seems as though the elements have come together to actively push against me having any sort of blog presence. (Maybe that’s what happens when you get too personal…) My computer died, my camera is breaking, our Internet has refused to work—all integral and necessary parts to maintaining a blog. So. There’s my excuse. Take it or leave it. Wait. Please take my excuses and apologies. I’m sorry!!! 

We’ve been up to plenty of fun stuff. It still rains a lot here, which has limited some exploration around town, but we’ve been having plenty of fun at home reading books, watching movies and playing video games. Yes, video games. Ian got a 3DS for Christmas and of course I had to see what the hype was all about. It’s pretty fun, although I will never be a Pokemon master like my incredible husband. 

Other things that have happened: 

I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies lately. Notable books: Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan, Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne, and Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson—all great and all books I would recommend. We also saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a while ago in the theaters and it was so great. (I, for one, cannot understand why it was criticized so harshly. It was so PRETTY and there was Kristen Wigg! She is perfect!) We’ve also watched The Truman Show, The Princess and the Frog, Battlestar Galactica and tons of Arrested Development. Can you tell I don’t have a job?

We went to Porgy and Bess at the Grand Theatre downtown. Ian and I mostly wanted to go to a show to see the inside of the theatre and what it was like inside and it was incredz, even from our extremely cramped nose-bleeders. The show was great, too. Even though it’s an opera in English, I couldn’t understand most of it. Fortunately, Ian had French subtitles to help him and me out. Another activity checked off on our Bordeaux bucket list.

I performed some minor babysitting. Ian tutors a nine-year-old boy (who also happens to be my pen pal!) who has a seven-month-old little brother. I made Ian come with me because I was too scared to walk home by myself at midnight, but I wanted him to come because I knew it would be probably be fun for both of us. And it definitely was. We read stories and then they went to bed. Parenting is a piece of cake. We’ll be good ones, I’m sure of it. Ian has already made plans to scare them whenever possible and I’ve decided that I’d like to have a child for extra cuddling purposes.

Ian got me an Instax camera for Christmas because he is the best. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, especially since my DSLR is on its last leg. There’s just something magical about instant film and especially about little baby, pocket-sized photos.

Ian is a major burger lover and happens to make incredible burgers, too, and that is coming from a person who rarely eats meat! Ian’s had a small dream of owning his own burger place for some time, but lately, it has become an even bigger dream in hopes of becoming a reality. Aka, we’re heavily considering starting a food truck in the future. A few days ago, we made a bazillion burgers for the missionaries for their zone conference (my first one LOL) and it confirmed that we’d be pretty good at it, but mostly that we’d have so much fun. Chez Burger. Ian’s Grill. Captain Burger. COMING SOON.

The 31st marked one year since Ian proposed to me. It was such a good day. I know I’ve hinted here a billion times about sharing our story, but alas, I have not finished writing it. For shame. But I’m now determined and motivated to write it all and post it here.

But best of all, our dear friend Skyler is coming to visit us in a few short days. I can’t wait!

Recent thoughts:

We’re coming to the point in our lives where decisions are being made about well, the rest of our lives. We once had pretty solid plans, but other incredible opportunities have presented themselves. Now, we’ve just got to figure out what we want. My once major decisions of deciding what university to go to, what program to study, what to do with my LIFE all seem like easy peasy decisions compared to the ones ahead of us. We’re talking about where we’ll be living, kids, money, retirement (?!), etc. and it just seems so daunting. But as nerve-wracking as it may seem to me, I’m so excited for it to come. I feel like I’ve waited for the conclusion of my college years for a while and I’m anxiously awaiting the next step. And I don’t mean to be super sappy, but there’s such a greater sense of excitement for the future, when you’re doing that future with your spouse. I’m really, really excited to start making our home, our Thorley homestead with Ian.  

That’s it for now, though. See you in a month from now!