Monthly round-up. I'm doing my best, people!

At the beginning of the month, it was my birthday. I am 24! I think this is the point where I officially stop caring what my age is because I legitimately forget that I got a little older all the time. The point of birthdays now is just to ensure I get a date night and get to go out to eat wherever I want. Still sounds like I'm a five-year-old, I guess.

My birthday was good. I went to Kimbra the week before which was the greatest thing I could've asked for, and it was topped off with some sushi and Indian food, and some great new CDs from Ian. I am loved and I love that. I took one of my favorite pictures of all time with my big sis on my birthday, too, so that's great.  She's the best.

But my favorite birthday present of all was the best hug in the world.


My little nephew is 18 months old and for more than a year of that, I was living abroad or across the country. So, he doesn't know me too well. I've been pretty sad about it occasionally, but I understand and usually don't let it get me too down. But every time I see him, I still try to give him a little love. And on my birthday, as Bob and Coco and little Will were about to leave, I asked Will for a hug and he leaned over and just clung to me. I was nearly in tears. Everyone was giggling because I obviously was having a big moment--bright red face and a permanent smile. It was the best present EVER.

A lot of other stuff has happened this month, a lot of the usual and some new stuff too. I had the last bit of the football season. I was quite surprised at how sad I was when the season ended. I did get a picture with Zach Vigil at the last home game--excited to see him inevitably play in the NFL.

From the Military Appreciation game. One of my favorite shots from working football--and it's not even of any football happenings. 
View from the press box. 
Shot a cute surprise military homecoming/engagement during one of the games, too. So fun!

A-TV news happenings, I produced, anchored and did weather. It was a lot and a big ending to that semester, which is good because I am not going to be doing any of that stuff next semester. Just tech! I am so relieved I want to cry. Wait, I already have so many times. 

All throughout this, we had been preparing for our great and glorious Starry Night concert(s). Our rehearsals were great, we got to work with a lot of great people and now since it has happened, I am SO PROUD of our people. So many great musicians worked with us and I love them all.

Ian and I performed a few times on campus singing a few Christmas diddies, my favorite being our version of Blue Christmas. It's pretty cute. Maybe I'll post it online even!

Alas, Starry Night was amazing. A post on its own will be coming soon!

In addition to Starry Night, Ian's fraternity that took over the whole Starry Night thing and made it possible finally chartered in November! Two years of hard work have finally led to this and I am so, so proud of them. I have a completely different view of college Greek life and I really believe that fraternities like ATO can make men better. Proud of Ian and all the men that put in all the work into becoming an impressive fraternity.

Then comes Thanksgiving. It's kind of surprising, but this was my first Thanksgiving with the Thorleys and it was a great one. I will say that having two families means two Thanksgivings and that means twice as many blessings. Three cheers for marriage, people! It was lots of fun.

And lots of time with family and Niece and Nephew which just makes me go crazy with baby hunger. I mean, LOOK AT THIS PICTURE.

AND LOOK AT THIS! Are you kidding me?!

Oh dear.

After Thanksgiving, the Thorleys had a huge party for Grandpa John's 80th birthday. I have felt so loved by John and Kay the second I started hanging around the Thorley house--I so appreciate them welcoming me into the family.

Almost the whole Costley/Thorley family!
And that topped of November. It was incredibly hard to not cave into the desire to make Christmas happen halfway through. How do you resist? It's always a battle with Ian. Ha!

Thank you, November, for being mostly warm and always being one of the most eventful and fun months! On to December and the rest of the year. Woot woot!

Here's a sunset timelapse video over Old Main Hill. Enjoy.

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