Apparently I'm only capable of posting monthly recaps. But hey, it's a manageable goal for me right now. And at least it's happening!

October was a full, full month. That great quote from Anne of Green Gables, although it was made un-great by how often it was shared on the social medias, is totally true. Life is better with Octobers.

October has always been my favorite. Fall is beautiful, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and my birthday is around the corner, too. Things are prettier, people are nicer, jokes are funnier--everything is just better. To the rest of the year: GET IT TOGETHER. October is killin' your appeal.

Here are the deets on this glorious month:

SPORTS! I'm still carrying on with my awesome job with the Athletics department. I have seriously loved this which was a total surprise to me. I really took the job initially because I knew it would be good for my resume, but turns out I've been having a great time doing it. I won't be delving into full-blown sports journalism anytime soon because I don't even understand what half of the sports cliches mean that commentators/journalists use (I am just barely getting a grasp on how the actual game works), but I'm having a great time taking photos. Lots of fun stuff happening and some fun people. JoJo Natson (#9), one of the star players this year, has taken a liking to me, too, and is like my number one fan. Ha!

I did get wrangled into doing some real camera work with the live streaming at one soccer game which was terrifying for a second, but then I was like, "I totes got this." And then my boss was like, "Camera 3, you missed it and your shot is crooked." You live and you learn, I guess. 

Get those sports out of the way. School has been tough. So tough. Like mental-breakdown-twice-a-week tough. I have been pushed in some ways that make me so mad and uncomfortable that I just want to scream, but it's all good for me to learn to just push. To push and to try and do hard things even though I might not like it. I've realized I've led a pretty spoiled life where I usually get whatever I want. Not because I'm conniving and trying to manipulate people, but because I want what I want and I do what I need to to get what I want. (My marriage to Ian being the perfect example). But being pushed to my limits and near going insane for it has been so trying, but has ultimately made me more brave and willing to do hard things. That being said, I have made some changes to my concluding semester at USU so as to not unleash all of my frustrations and sadness on Ian. I have found the stuff that I'm good at which makes sense, but I wouldn't have ever thought of it until I did it--I love tech! There's a lot of pressure and if you press a button wrong, you are WRONG, but it's lots of fun. And I'm good at it. 

A big thing that happened for A-TV news was the school shooting threat that happened a few weeks ago. It was a weird, scary time. And it felt uncomfortable. Lindsey begged me not to go to school, but we had a show to put on. We had a broadcast the day of when Anita would have been speaking, so I felt the major time crunch trying to put the story together (especially because I'm still one of the least experienced students in my class). It was intense. Obviously no violence or anything like that came from the threat, and as a perfect antithesis, a rally was held in support of Anita and other feminists on campus. But the greatest thing that happened, was that the event was covered by plenty of national papers which gave Anita a bigger, greater platform to share her message. She was even on the Colbert Report. Something great and important came from a pretty despicable and crappy situation. 

I had my first on-camera appearance covering that story, which was pretty nerve-wracking, but I did a lot better than I thought I would. Buuuuut, I won't put the video here because while my reporting was okay, I had some other problems with my videography and I had someone else putting together the video while I wrote it up. That disconnect proved to be the worst thing in the world according to my teachers, but whatevez. I also had a brain fart at the end and forgot what I was saying. But it really came full circle when some cute guy did a bunch of hip thrusts behind me while I was reporting this story about feminism. Way to prove my point, brah!

But if you'd like to see the video, click here. Some of my footage did make it onto CBS, which is pretty cool although I never saw it. Ha! But hey, my stuff has really been on TV now!   

We had a different format of show a few weeks back on location at American West Heritage Center. It was fun. I felt like a goof because we were dressed up in costume, but I had a pretty great story. My teachers didn't feel the same (which leads to those bi-weekly breakdowns), but I'm still proud of it. Take a looksie, if you'd like. 

This is already turning into a loooong post. But bare with me, if you wish to see cute baby pictures! I had some great photo shoots this month, starting with beautifully pregnant Logan, followed by some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of Lindsey as the most beautiful bride (but I can't share any real pictures here) and some Starry Night promotional shooting. I wish I had had more time to shoot just for fun because fall is really the best time for photos. 

Can you spot Lindsey?

But the best part of the month, by far, was Harper June's birthday. Logan had her beautiful and perfect little girl on October 23rd. It was a crazy night. Logan wanted me to take photos of the birth and since she was delivering the baby in Davis County while I was in Logan, I was pretty eager to get down there ASAP so as to not miss the delivery. When Kyle let me know that they she was in full-fledged labor and she was staying at the hospital, she was at a five. I felt like I had some time, so Ian stayed for the rest of his class and as soon as he got back, we packed up and left with ample time to get there before anything big would happen. About 45 minutes later, Kyle texted me. "She's at a ten!" We were just in sardine canyon and still had at least 40 minutes before we would get there so I started to panic, hoping they weren't going to start pushing. I kept getting play-by-plays from my mother-in-law informing me that she was pushing and when I was ten minutes away, I got a text that said the baby would be there in the next push. I was freaking out. Ian dropped me off at the door and I sprinted into the hospital and when I rounded the corner to the labor and delivery unit, I heard little cries. I had missed it! By a whopping three minutes! I was so sad until I actually got to Logan's room and realized, "Oh wait, I haven't missed anything at all. The baby's here! This is the best part!" It's funny to me that at the time, I had such pressure and expectations on myself to do photograph that in such a certain way. But with births, there really is no control over when and how the baby is going to get there--you just have to be flexible. And in the end, I think I got some great pictures.

And a few family pictures...Some that had to be included purely because of how dumb/hilarious Ian can be.

Oh, Ian. Congrats to Logan and Kyle! Harper is perfect.

And to conclude, a quick recap of Halloween and some miscellaneous photos, mostly of food. Ian and I went as French Toast. It was lazy and perfect for us. And I love punny costumes.

The epitome of Ian and me as demonstrated through jack-o-lanterns. Overboard and underwhelming. Not really, but this was cracking me up. 

Thank you, October. You were lovely, as always!

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Aimee said...

I cannot even tell you how much I relate to the bi-weekly breakdowns from broadcast journalism. When I was reporting, I cried all the time. The worst. And I also ended up loving technical directing! Yay for pushing buttons and not being on camera/filming/dealing with bad tapes and things you can't control. You'll make it, though. You're super talented. Git it, gurl.