September. What a month.

I'm pretty sure it's the best month of the year. This year, it's been soooo busy and hard and full of SO MANY THINGS. I feel like I'm constantly working. There's never a break. I complained to Ian for weeks about how badly I just wanted to have time to make some jam. Is that so much to ask? Just an hour? An hour for jam?

Things have gotten better, and now I realize if I have free time, I really just want to fill it up and get my stuff done--which is good because that means I'm working on stuff that I like (sometimes). But I think the real reason is that I just got really used to my cushy life of no-work and literally doing whatever I wanted all the time and taking care of Ian. The transition was rough. It's still rough sometimes. Things are still hard and sometimes I feel so swamped that I feel I just can't do it. Thankfully I have Ian. I'm such an emotional burden sometimes, but he does it all and he takes care of me so well.

And I guess it's all a matter of balance. The weather has been beautiful. I've had a lot of great shoots lately, school is challenging and I'm getting better at it (even though I might not like it all the time), Ian is awesome, our families are great and finally close, I love my friends...things are great.

I don't have many details of our life in this post, but here are some pictures. Life has been full of school, beautiful Cache Valley, football (?!), lots of news, lots of shoots, a couple of adorable babies and sleeping so deeply at the end of the day.

Until next time...

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Jeni said...

Hi Anna! Beautiful pictures- I especially like the ones with the one ton hay bales. It does look like beautiful weather. Good luck with school :).