Sunday BBQ


A collection of photos from a lovely Sunday BBQ with friends at White Clay Creek State Park a few weeks ago.

Our summer time is starting to wrap up here and boy am I looking forward to the changing of the seasons. As much as I love summer, I am so ready to get back to Logan and to start school again. And Ian is, too. Ian's job out here is decent and Ian has been able to make some good money for us, but it is still sort of crappy in some ways. Every job is, I suppose, but it's just something that Ian has really no interest in and is ready for a change. And I just can't say how excited I am to back to school--Ian too for his masters degree. I am pretty scared to death, but so excited.

Ian and I are out here in Delaware because of a job that Ian got through our friend Adam. He and Ali (my bff) and their friends Scott and Shelby have all been out here and I will say that they are the best part about being out here. In France, I essentially only ever interacted with Ian. Of course I love him and I truly never, ever got sick of him or how much time we spent with each other, but I love having some friends out here. Especially Ali. I love her. My social skills got pretty rusty while in France (our trip home for Christmas honestly felt weird and a little jarring because of how much time we spent with our friends and family) and I've been needing something to make me snap out of it. Luckily, we've had these guys to make this summer a memorable one and I'm think I'm not so awkward anymore.

Cheers to fun friends (and their dogs, too)!

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