Summer Times in Delaware

A summary of things I loved about Delaware:

- It's general proximity to tons of cool cities: Philadelphia, New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, etc. So many cool cities, such little time.

- Bahn Mi Boy. This place serves Vietnamese sandwiches--a baguette with different kinds of meat (my favorite being pork belly) and pickled carrots and cucumbers. They are truly, truly scrumptious.

- Old houses and farm lands. Technically, the beautiful farm lands I love are in Pennsylvania, but we'll just consider it Delawarean territory. In some areas, you'd see the most beautiful corn fields complete with quaint barn and/or silo and mandatory weathered American flag topping it off on a hill inevitably making you want to change your life plans to working the family farm in the middle of nowhere.

- Beaches. An hour away from the beach?! Yez. I only went to the beach a few times this summer and wish I would've taken more advantage of it, but I still got a good dose of the sun and the sea. A good beach is just good for the soul.

- Delilah Radio. The one and only Delilah was transferred to an itty bitty station doing the same schmoopsy, sappy consulting those on their love lives bit with dramatic piano tracks in the back--she is just a delight and is consistently entertaining. What a treat to go to dorky ol' Delaware and to be surprised with her velvety voice on the radio. 

- Italian Water Ice. There are some places like this in Utah here and there (there was one in Logan for a short while, but it went out of business), but this definitely seems to be a popular east coast treat. While the name is a little goofy (water ice? Isn't..that...the same...ah whatever.), it's like a slushy/slurpee with frozen custard. Mmmmm.

(So, this post is making it pretty obvious that our French hobby of enjoying all the food still trickled into our lives in America...)

Aside from all of these things, I am pretty happy about the fact that we are no longer in Delaware. I didn't get the greatest vibes from there, but lot of it could have to do with the crappy apartment complex we were living in--our neighbors were constantly screaming at each other, unidentified smelly liquids made half of the washing machines unusable (IT WAS PEE. SOMEONE PEED IN A WASHER. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT.), our floor reeked of formaldehyde-like smell, our car was broken into the second day we got there, it goes on and on. It just kind of seemed like a place that made you go, "meh." (Those guys from Wayne's World were right.) And Ian may have also sworn to never step foot in Delaware again...
But it was our home for a little while. We (mostly just me though) had a great time soaking up some of the east coast vibe and seeing new cities. Ian worked his butt off this summer and although it might not have been the best experience for us, we learned a lot and got to spend a lot of time together--something I'll never complain about. It made us that much more excited for the fall in Utah, too.

But there it is. Thanks for the memories, DE. You're nice and probably great for someone out there. We probably won't be going on a second date, though. 


RaeAbigael said...

beautiful photos! :) and wonderful memories...

xoxo, rae

Paige said...

No, seriously, are you talking about the Delilah I'm thinking of?? I haven't thought about her sickeningly sweet voice for ages. OMG.

Jeni said...

Hi Anna! We miss you guys! Nicolas was looking at your blog with me and said: "Let's visit Ian and Anna Mama! They are funny and nice!". Ha ha. He misses you guys too. Good luck with your adventures, and as always, beautiful pictures.

Ali Malan said...

hHhahaha freaking Ruby! These are all beautiful. What a perfect way to summarize the summer.