Funny Things Ian Says: France 2014

Round two with picture and a video, just for you!
Ian is a goof. Here is proof:

Lessons in modeling from ICT.

Me: How much do you love me?
Ian: A fraction. What. What do you want.

"I just hate idiots."

"I need to hurt all the bad ideas out of you."

"I had to take a break from my book because it was making me think too hard about the nature of my universe."

"It's because science is for your eyes and literature is for your ears."

"Just be calm and come scoop my eyeball out. With your thumb."

Me: I could play monkey bars with your beard.
Ian: That's pretty effed up, Anna.

"This is some fancy ass pudding."

"I like planets. Planets are my favorite."

"So what are you going to do? Play with my blood veins--pahahhahah. That's so funny. It's like, where to I come up with this stuff?"

"You didn't disappoint me. I knew you were going to forget."

Ian: I have to go back to work.
Me: But I love you!
Ian: I love you too, but that's not a logical reason for me to not go back to work.

"Bridges are awesome. Almost as awesome as tunnels."

While on our trip in the south with Ian's parents...

"This is freakin' scenic over here. All of the sudden." -- Craig

"Apparently Rick Steves thinks that scenic route means roads with lots of turns." -- Ian
"I'm glad we brought you, Ian." -- Craig

"I want a travel pillow for my phone." -- Craig
"I am so freakin' funny. To everyone in the world except Kell. That's why I married her." -- Craig

"I know who my tart de jour is!!!!!" Followed by some snuggling of Kell. -- Craig

"I'm not saying that it's a priority for me to be a CEO of a company, but I would like it. I would also like to have laser vision...you know?"

"Would you quit waffling around? You've got more waffles than a waffle house. You've got more waffles than the country of Belgium! You're so full of waffles, you could be Waffle Crisp!!!"

Me: Are you ashamed of our love?
Ian: Sometimes.


Sarcasm and absurd statements are the name of the game for Ian Costley. This list does make him seem like an old man grump, which, let's be honest, is probably what our future will look like. (zing!) And I'll always keep laughing. Especially because he always does this nonsense, too...

(From our trip with Ian's parents)

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Brissa said...

fancy ass pudding.

husbands are so great. especially ones who can bust a moooove.