Deets from DE and Other Short Stories

Hi friends. I'm currently sitting in my pleasant, sun-filled apartment filled with the smells of Ian's burgers from lunch and there's a pile of homemade donuts sitting on the counter and a little puppy laying at my feet. IZ THIZ A DREAM?

No, it's real. But to be fair, our apartment is also filled with thick, humid air making this normally pleasant 79 degrees feel like a steam room, there's an enormous pile of dishes sitting in the sink from the aforementioned lunch, those donuts are making me feel preeeeeetty tired and the puppy who has only been here for a few hours already peed on the carpet and threw up on the couch.

There's a ying to every yang.

I forced Ian into this photo opportunity and his face says it all. It's just like this.

Ian and I are living in a little town called Newark in Delaware. It's kind of like Logan, but way better because it happens to be within a reasonable distance from Philadelphia, D.C. and New York. So that's awesome. My dearest girl friend and her husband also happens to live across the street from me. Another point for awesomeness.

Aside from that, we're living a pretty hum-drum life. Ian works a lot. I pretend to look for a job while I watch Bob's Burgers and bake cookies. And it's all okay because all Ian really needs from me is a steady stream of homemade treats, not an actual income or any contributions to our financial future or anything, so we're doing GREAT.

Really though, life is pretty pleasant most of the time. We're taking it easy, spending time in the sun and loving each other. There are a lot of beautiful places out here in this area, too. I need to take my real camera out more. In the mean time, here's a collection of photos of our recent happenings:

My summer school textbook. Such a great book.

Ice cream at our favorite place--Woodside Farms! It's a beautiful farm with a creamery out in the middle of the countryside with the most heavenly ice cream. We've gone every week...ha.

Homemade donuts to celebrate National Donut Day!

 Lil' Ruby trying to get in on some of Ali's ice cream action. Ian and I are dog-sitting our friends', Scott and Shelby, Boston terrier. She's tons of fun, but also full of more pee and throw up than you'd think! (And at the most unexpected times!) 

Ali, Shelby, Rita and some delicious water ice.

Rosemary, flowers from Ian and my flourishing basil.

For our anniversary, Ian and I went to X-Men (I'm a good wife), I made a heavenly spice cake with caramelized oranges (reminiscent of the cake at our wedding) and then went out that night to Brio. It was the greatest day full of relaxing, doing things we love, and each other. And it was wonderful. Cheers to a perfect day!

Like I said, I've been making (and eating) a lot of treats. It's a good life.

Well, that's the 411 with us, right now.

I've got some summer goals, those including to read more books, watch the best of Netflix, practice my cooking skills and nail my baking abilities. Oh and work out once or twice. Any recommendations for stuff I can't miss out in any of those categories?

Until then, I'll prolly be in a diabetic coma. Ciao!!!


Brissa said...

Oh my ANNA!!! I had no idea you baked! You're basically a pro. That anniversary cake was NUTZ!!! Your life sounds so great right now. I love that you two go from adventure to adventure but I also appreciate you keepin it real with the dog puke and whatnot. kkk. luv ur gutz. bai.

katrina said...

bake me something or die!!!!