Thoughts in French

Just kidding. I'm not capable of that.

We're leaving Bordeaux in a whopping 3 days. It hasn't really sunk in that we're leaving, mostly because I haven't felt all that sad that we're leaving. Now, before you start getting all judge-y and dumb about that statement, let me explain.

I love France. I'm really, really glad that Ian's got skillz and that we were able to do this, especially in our first year of marriage. It's been a year of celebrating, well, us. And we learned to rely completely on each other. Ian knew he wanted to do this internship before we even started dating, so I always knew it was a possibility from the beginning. And when things started falling into place, the thing that excited me the most, was that we were going to be on our own.

From what I've talked about with some of my married friends, and from my own experiences, I truly think one of the best things a couple can do early in their marriage is to just...move. Move away. Far away, if you can.

So, when all of that's wrapped up into our experience here, our year in France has been such a treat. (I know I jokingly say that word all the time, but it's because it just fits.) It's our second honeymoon. We are lucky ducks.

That being said, of course, it's not like everything's perfect all the time in France. I think people sometimes get that idea. But it's not like just because we're geographically located in this place that is rich in culture, history, food, religious pessimism, patati, patata, that there aren't hard days. Hard days are just bound to happen, whether you're living in the middle of nowhere or downtown Paris. Because even then, downtown Paris is likely to be hell for someone who prefers the middle of nowhere just like the middle of nowhere is going to suck for a city slicker. There's good and bad everywhere.

But I'm sure you already know that. I just have had a few conversations where I feel like a spoiled brat saying anything different than "life is absolutely perfect and French and beautiful and delicious and just the best." It's been pretty awesome, yes, but I've been plenty happy in other places I've lived, too. 

I guess I'm just saying, it just doesn't matter where you live. There's something great to be taken from everywhere in the world. Just because I'm living in ~*~*eUrOpe*~*~ doesn't mean I didn't have a blast living in Small College Town, Utah.

YADA YADA. I love France. I really, really do. I'm so, so glad that we got to do this whole thing...what an adventure! Bordeaux will always be this dreamy place that I spent my newlywed years. It's our town. It's our place. I love that and I'm looking forward to bringing our kids back and showing them where we first began.

Oh dear. Things are really coming to a close here, huh? I love Bordeaux. Thanks for the hospitality and the good memories. You're a keeper. We'll be back soon.

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