Baby Jude

I've never taken baby photos before. But when dear Brissa brought her lil' babe into the world, I wanted to capture some photos of their sweetest Jude. These were taken five days after she arrived.

I think Brissa and Cory are some of the best people I know and I've been so blessed to get to know them over the last few years. I loved seeing small a glimpse of them as parents--they will, no doubt, be the cool parents everyone wishes were theirs. Seeing their pure love and sheer excitement for their new addition assured it.

Thanks for letting me see a slice of your lives, Brissa, Cory and cutest Jude!

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Brissa said...

listen up anna, it was bad enough the pictures you took made me cry, but now you have to go and write the nicest blog post about little jude and cory and i as parents?! give a girl a break!

i can't thank you enough for taking these pictures. i will treasure them forever. i am so grateful to have them and to remember just how little (and fiesty) she was that first week.

i love you. i feel so blessed to call you a friend.