twenty thirteen

2013 was a year that will go down in the books.

This year, I:
  • Had a New Years kiss. We decided to marry each other shortly after.
  • Learned how to use my Polaroid camera
  • Was proposed to in the perfect way
  • Started planning a wedding and turned into a basket case
  • Went on a riotous cruise with some of my bffs to Mexico for Spring Break
  • Two of my very good friends, Joe and Josey, got married
  • Made good relations with my teachers and professors
  • Starting caring about food and nutrition and health
  • Celebrated Ian's 24th birthday with homemade treats with coconut, one of the only foods he hates. -_-
  • Performed at Why Sound in a show with my best friends
  • Said goodbye to my wonderful job at the art museum on campus
  • Went through the temple. One of the greatest additions to my life. 
  • My first nephew was born! (On the same day I went through the temple!)
  • Pushed myself academically, succeeded and failed at a few things, finished up spring semester and said goodbye to USU for a little while
  • Watched proudly as Ian graduated from USU
  • Saw Dragonette and The Presets at The Depot
  • Spent a perfect honeymoon in Kauai
  • Lived in my in-laws basement (which was actually a really great thing!)
  • Worked at the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement for the summer
  • Discovered Breaking Bad 
  • Spent many summer days lounging by the pool
  • Went camping a few times in our backyard and in our local mountains
  • Celebrated America and barbequed for days at a time
  • Power road-tripped to San Francisco for a weekend visit 
  • Played tonz of Mario Kart and beat Ian maybe once
  • Made some good friends at work
  • Saw James Taylor in concert and cried about it with my mother-in-law
  • Ate out at plenty of delicious restaurants in SLC
  • Hot tubbed for dayz
  • Attended a dear friend's sealing in the SLC temple
  • Rejoiced when the summer of opposite shifts finally ended (I worked in the morning, Ian worked at night. It got lonely sometimes.)
  • Moved to France!
  • Adapted to my new position as "housewife"
  • Started the seemingly never-ending challenge of learning French
  • Explored our beautiful Bordeaux
  • Ate Foie Gras and many other Frenchy foods
  • Started a pen-pal relationship with a nine-year-old French boy
  • Celebrated Halloween in a nation of scare-haters by carving bell peppers
  • Went to the fair downtown and nearly lost my lunch from the roller-coasters
  • Celebrated my 23rd birthday by eating great food and taking a nap
  • Took cooking lessons from Ian 
  • Traveled to Toulouse
  • Learned how to manage my time
  • Worked with the missionaries
  • Got into old hobbies like arts 'n' crafz
  • Developed a borderline insane desire for a puppy 
  • Saw a Cirque de Soleil show
  • Felt a lot of love for the gospel and what it means to me
  • Spent the weekend in Pau with Ian's friends from his mission
  • Saw Jamie Cullum in concert
  • Listened to hours and hours of Christmas music
  • Sang Christmas Carols in downtown Bordeaux
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Christmas (especially the lights) in France 
  • Reunited with friends and family for one of my favorite Christmases yet
  • Added another camera to my collection...a Fujifilm Instax!
  • My best friend Ali got engaged to Ian's best friend's younger brother, Adam
  • Participated in the 5th Annual Christmas Movie Marathon
  • Spent New Years Eve eating Japanese food and playing Taboo with some of my best friends
  • Kissed that same guy I kissed last year again at midnight!!!

 2013. What a year. I've deemed it my "lucky" year because everything has really been just perfect for me.

(Now is about the time for me to apologize for the following sappiness, but ya know what? Who cares.) 

It's the year of the beginnings of my marriage and my life of adventures with Ian. And although there have been some unfortunate things along the way (I had some losses with friends and family, my car broke down and never got better, I've never been more sick than I've been this year, I started dealing with the capital B-word that is student debt, yada yada), they have been completely overshadowed by the outpouring of happiness and love and joy that I've been blessed with this year.

I've had a great life thus far, I know that. And fortunately for me, I haven't ever really felt like I was in a dead end--I've (mostly) always been excited for the next piece of my life.

But this year, I felt like my life really began.

Cheers to you, 2013, and a hearty hip-hip-hooray for the new guy, 2014!


Anna said...

Adorbs pics. Cool year.

Anna said...

^from sis

Autumn Lindsay said...

just randomly stumbled upon your blog. First, your hair is incredible, so there's that. Second, love this year round-up. Feels like I've been reading your blog the whole year now! I'm your newest follower :)

kell said...

anna! i absolutely love that picture of you!! so, so cute! it WAS a really great year, wasn't it?

Brissa said...

"i felt like my life really began."
stop. you're making me tear up. i'm serious. silly hormones.
i'm so happy for you. i feel so blessed to know you and call you a friend. remember when i cried during your daddy-daughter dance? oh anna, i'm just so glad you had a great year even though life is life and throws us curve balls. you're just so great.