Me and the Internet

A round-up of things I've liked lately from the one and only Internet. Enjoy!


 "One is the Loveliest Color"... A spotlight on people who dress exclusively in one color. This article is a few years old, but I still think it's fascinating.

I recently discovered Joy Prouty, a photographer and mother, on Instagram after a friend suggested I follow her. I initially followed her after discovering she, her husband and her four children were traveling the country in their 1950s trailer. (That's right, four kids and two adults in a teeny-tiny trailer!) They've recently chosen to settle down, though, in their new home in Washington and boy, is it amazing. I've always preferred cities and the busy nature of them and being close to others, but after seeing these photos of their home and her posts on Instagram, I am suddenly craving a life with an old house and a forest in the backyard and a barn and gardens and chickens and babies and wide open spaces meant for adventuring and exploring.

Ian recently introduced me to The Smothers Brothers, a folk singing comedy duo from the 60s, and their song "Boil That Cabbage Down." I laughed the whole time. Fun fact: Steve Martin got his start as a comedy writer for these guys.

This New York Times dialect test is eerily accurate. I really don't think I have an accent, or at least one that is a dead giveaway of where I'm from (although most people here in France usually think we're from Canada...), but this test narrowed it down to not only a region, but to Salt Lake City. Nuts!

I have a major thing for fashion photography and editorial spreads (enough that it inspired me as a teen to make scrapbooks from pages and pages of magazine spreads, but not enough to actually translate into me having any sort of eye for fashion or authentic personal style...ha). I recently came upon Lacey, a fantastic fashion photographer and former assistant to Tim Walker, who combines 2D and 3D elements to create some of the most interesting and artfully put together photos and spreads that are like eye-candy. Her Instant Gratification series is my favorite and makes me want to build my own giant Polaroid camera.

A beautiful article (and beautiful photos, too) commenting about how "babies ruin bodies." I could launch into a whole other blog post about how I feel about post-baby bodies, but I'll just sum up with what I think: there is far too much pressure to get that rockin' post-baby body, but those who do dedicate time to returning to their pre-pregnant figure are just as entitled as anyone else to love their bodies. There should be no shame or guilt either way. (Mostly because it's actually none of your business! Ha.) 

And last but not least, "10 Facts About Nothing From Jerry Seinfeld's AMA Chat." I'm dying to know what the new project he's working on with Larry David is...especially after this sighting. Long live Seinfeld!