Adam & Ali Engagements

A few winter-y photos of Adam and Ali that I shot over the break. A black diamond ring. Pretty neat, huh?

Ali is my best girl. Since we became friends, I always felt a special connection with her, aka a real and powerful girl crush. That's right. I'm not ashamed to admit it--I am in love with Ali Malan! Tell me of one person who has known her and hasn't felt the same. Because of my love for her, I knew that whoever she would marry would be the luckiest guy and he also better love the crap out of her or else.

I also remember Ali telling me once, "When I get married, I want people to just be able to tell that we love each other just by looking at us." And you can, with them. These two really love each other and care about each other. It's wonderful. I'm so glad that Ali has found her lucky guy* and I'm so happy to see that Adam adores Ali to the level she deserves.

Hooray for friends falling in love!

*Don't get me wrong, Adam is a great person and is worthy of praise, too. But I'm just far too distracted by Ali and fact that my bff is getting married. It's just all about Ali here.


Ali Malan said...

I can't believe I made it on your blog :) :) :) :) :) Thank you so much for extending this to everyone, but especially me. I will always love you and will always be astonished at the perfect friendship we have. You are the best Anna. I love you.

Levi and Allison said...

I love Ali!

Levi and Allison said...
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L J said...

They are so cute! I like these photogs, gerd jerb sis

Sam said...

These are stunning photos!! So happy to see a couple so in love!!