Me and the Internet


I love the Internet. And I'd like to think that it loves me, too. It always tells me about that new dumb pop song that I will love or the arts-y things people do (lol) or that thought-provoking article on blah blah blah or a hilarious gif or a delicious new recipe I want to try and most importantly, it finds all things that make me go "Awwwweeeee."

There is so much stuff out there, though. So, I'm going to start putting together a list of the things I like the most. Call this a rip off of plenty of other blogs (seriously, I'm totally ripping them off), but there's a lot of good stuff out there that needs to be shared. Who knows how often I'll put something like this up, but for now, here's a compilation of Internet treats that I'm sharing with you! Yes, YOU!

Halloween treats gone wrong...hilarious video of kids enjoying fun and healthy Halloween treats! (They actually taste like "poopy piƱata.")

Eight messages to teach young women and girls about happiness. I've read a lot of articles like this, but this one has been the most reasonable and realistic to me. And conversely, five things I wish I didn't know in my 20s.

Jimmy Fallon and Edward Norton play Egg Russian Roulette. I will be forcing my friends to play this with me!

Homemade twix bars. Ian and I don't have an oven that works, which has eliminated pretty much any option of baked treats (so sad). These will appease our homemade treat-less hearts.

I'm not the biggest Fiona Apple fan, but this version of Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas done by her gives me the chills:

An incredible paper cut-out stop-motion music video for Shugo Tokumaro's song "Katachi". Amazing video, super fun song.

I just finished reading "The History of Love" and it was absolutely beautiful. It has an interesting and captivating plot with charming and complex characters and it is a perfect combination of relate-able, personal narratives written like descriptive poetry. I loved it.


Hope you like the links! Feel free to share other good stuff in the comments if you want!


sunny-days in the park with Ian

 A few days ago, Ian and I took advantage of a full day without work and a lifetime supply of SUNSHINE to go to the park. It was awesome.

The first week we were here, it was hot. And humid. I was sweaty and sticky and extremely jet-lagged which helped me earn the title of "Most Chipper Wife" for my outstandingly cranky performance.

I should've appreciated those days.

Since then, it's rained almost every single day. And it's cloudy every day. Which is fine, I guess. (Although it did seem to take a toll on Ian after five straight days of down pour..."This is effing absurd." Haha!)It's really not a big deal especially since our seasons will be a bit more temperate than the bi-polar Utah weather that we're accustomed to. But man, oh man, oh MAN when the sun comes out, do I crave to have those rays wraps their loving arms around my body.

Back to park/sunny day. We jumped on a bus and headed to a park that was a bit more out-of-town that we hadn't been to. It was kind of dumpy and it took some searching to find a place without a lot of mud (freaking rain ruins the days when it isn't even raining freaking rain), but eventually we found a place to settle for a while. Shortly after we camped out, some sort of kids' race began and we were swarmed. I made fun of the pubescent Olympians who thought they were so fast until that second inevitable lap began and Ian called out the cheaters cutting corners.

We ended up spending most of the day lounging around, playing songs on the ukulele, taking naps and reading books (I'm reading The History of Love and Ian is reading The Planet of the Apes--both we would highly recommend). It was a lovely day at the park.


The other day, Ian and I were talking about life back at home and at one point to clarify what life we were talking about, I said without hesitation, "So, we're talking about real life?"

This is a dream life. I spend most hours of the day with my husband. We eat good food. We live in a nice apartment. We live in a beautiful city. We have the means to not only make our life possible, but meaningful as well. This experience that we get to have is rare.

There are downsides, of course. And I'm sure in due time there will be a blog post(s) about them.

But until then, I will savor the ridiculous jokes we make and the meals we eat together and the walks we go on and the beautiful places we see and the time--oh, the time--we have together.



Photos from a walk the other night by the river when the moon was full and the air was crisp...'twas gorgeous.

We went out to eat for our first fancy dinner here shortly after (standard dinner rush hour is at 9...so weird to me) at Le M de Monbadon where we ate some delicious French-y food. Dining out is more of an experience in France--everyone drinks their wine (which Bordeaux is famous for--too bad for us non-drinkers) and takes their time enjoying the meal. We ended up spending two and a half hours there enjoying our food and chatting with the servers.

It was a beautiful fall night filled with great sights and great food. I love France.


la foire

Photos from la foire!

 Ian and I walked around the fair the other day where I kind of embarrassed myself--when we rounded the corner and saw everything, I screamed a little and did a jig. There's something so charming and exciting about fairs and amusement parks and it brings out the inner-child, or in our case, the dweeb-y high school lovers who have little awareness of their own PDA.

I was laughing to myself while we were walking around, too, because I kept saying how awesome it was although we didn't even go on any rides. But we got a French doughnut filled with Nutella and a sugar and butter crepe to appease our fair food needs.

We're going back next weekend to test our stomachs on the catapult and my possible fear of heights on the ferris wheel. It was a perfect night out and I can't wait to go back.




I love fairs so much. And to our surprise and luck, there's one going on downtown for the next five weeks. I saw the ferris wheel a few weeks ago and eagerly told Ian that we had to go check it out. It didn't open until last night, but of course we went enough times before hand to qualify me as an overly-excited-adult-acting-like-a-five-year-old. But it's because roller-coasters and cotton candy and haunted houses and arcades and candy apples and flashing lights and stuffed animals and tons of people make fairs a magical place.

More pictures to come!


Ca va???


I'm posting this post to ease the nerves of you anxious readers (my mother-in-law and Kelli (lol)). I'm having some serious, extremely devastating and debilitating issues with...the Internet. And it makes me so sad that when I get any chance to access the world wide web, I binge watch YouTube videos of corgi puppies or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake shenanigans to soothe my sorry soul. F'reals though, blog is short for "weblogs" which includes the word "web" which means I am legitimately handicapped by this situation right now.

Am I dramatic or what?


Things are good. I'll post more in detail about what we're up to in Bordeaux when I get another chance.
Ian loves Miley Cyrus!!!

Until then, I'm having a lot of fun with Ian exploring our new surroundings and eating so many delicious French treats and cheese. Oh, the cheese.