bridals/groomals/we're just posing for prom

A few of my favorite shots from our bridal session with J. Taylor Photography.


I have some funny and frustrating memories from this shoot. It was one of those hellish wedding days--my flowers were completely different from what I ordered, I was mad at how my dress looked (rips and wrinkles galore which led me to do some some *ahem* "altering") and overall stress about being, well, a bride. Without delving into all the issues of a not-so-skinny girl, I was pretty petrified of this part about my wedding. I don't see people who look like me on wedding blogs or in magazines. I'd never really envisioned myself in a white dress standing next to somebody and I was nervous about how I looked and how I'd even fit the role. 

But I had a few moments where I stepped out of myself and thought, "This is my time. This is my turn. I'm getting my bridals taken right now...I'm a bride." And I had my groom there with me. And while I still had my frustrations about this or that, I vividly remember how much fun I had with Ian that day. He made me laugh and he grabbed my butt and he kissed my cheek. He thought I was pretty and he was happy I was his bride. That's really all I needed to know.


Wedding pictures to come next!



 We went camping the other night at the Bountiful Peak Campground. We got rained on which ended our adventure prematurely, but we still had fun eating delicious tin-foil dinners (which I totally forgot was a thing) and probably too many s'mores. The campground also had water spigots and pretty nice outhouses...maybe we were cheating, but it sure was easy camping. And even though we were 15 minutes away from home, we still felt like we were on a weekend vacation.

Summer is the best.



For some reason, I'm thinking of this song.

Kyle & Katelin

As aforementioned, a few more photos of Kyle & Katelin. This was a super quick shoot strolling around USU one day, so pardon the lack of variety. But Katelin is so very cute and Kyle is pretty handsome. So it's all okay.

Congrats you two cuties!


P.S. This post is just for you, Lydia.


the best day of my life

I got my wedding pictures from J. Taylor Photography a little while back and I can't wait to share them. Stay tuned!


Kramer & Amy

Kramer and Amy are one cute couple. I've known Amy since I was a wee lass of five (we were childhood bffs!), so I was thrilled when she asked me to take some updated pictures of the two of them, with Amy in dresses from her Grandma's closet. They're pregnant with there first lil' baby, too! Woot woot!

Thanks Amy & Kramer! 


The last of our honeymoon photos...

Kauai was truly splendid. We did a lot of sight-seeing, eating delicious foods and lots and lots of beach time.

All-day, every-day of your new spouse is a pretty special thing (and I'm realizing, kind of rare) and I will cherish that time I had with him for the rest of my life. But it spoiled me rotten. Coming home was a d.r.a.g. All vacations must come to an end though, I suppose. Fortunately, it's just the start of the new adventure of life with my new partner.


The Polaroids were all shot on my Polaroid 320 with Fujifilm FP-100C instant film. If you can't tell, I'm absolutely in love with this camera. A friend of mine gifted it to me, but they're pretty inexpensive if you can find one in good shape. It took a while to get the hang of it (it's quite a testy camera), but it produces some dreamy photos.

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook also made our trip extra special. If you're in the market, I suggest you pick one up.