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I weigh three times my body

I had a moment of clarity today.

I was assembling an invitation for our wedding celebration when I stopped to look at our picture. I've seen it 500+ times already, but this time, I just stopped. And really looked.

In preparing this invitation for a mentor of yours, I contemplated the pairing of the two of us. And I thought, "I am going to be Ian's wife. I am the person that is going to be with him forever. I am with him and he is with me." And when I give this invitation to our teacher, he will look at it, not knowing me very well, and fit the puzzle together.

He knew Ian would get married at some point. Now he is. She is found, and this girl, right here in this picture, is that person. Anna James is that person. Anna is that person.

I am that person.

And it just made sense. It made logical sense that my name was next to yours, that my head was on your shoulder, that I would be your companion. Forever. It's good. It's great. It's right.  

It's a small moment, sure, but it's those moments that add the weight to the anchor of life with you.


Photo by Miesh Photography


northern kids

Children of the North


From this show a while back.



It's the great and glorious Caitlin Craig and her curly red-hair wonder. I really just think this girl is the epitome of beauty, and I'm glad she asked me to take her picture. Gladly, Miss Craig.

Caitlin's previous cameos on this here blog: here and here.



Military Genius @ WhySound


I played a show with these two hooligans last night up here in Logan. It must have been some sort of  transition going from my dinky lil' set of jazzy songs to these two blasting your ears with body-jerking beats and tricky lyrics.

After these guys, Children of the North ended the night with some of the happiest and special music around. It was a show of my best friends, all playing together. That doesn't happen often. But it was pretty magical and I absolutely loved being a part of it.

A few more pictures to come soon!

Kelsey - Senior 2013

This cute girl is Kelsey. My childhood BFF's little sister and neighbor. We got together one weekend to shoot some senior pictures. I can't believe she's graduating!
SUU is lucky to get this chica.


Contact me for pricing and availability if you're interested in a shoot!



It was my sweet's birthday two days ago. We ate burgers and treats with our friends while laughing and sharing some of our favorite memories of the guy.

To keep it short, I really love this guy. And I can't wait for all of the birthdays to come.


 Funny enough, I posted on his birthday last year when I had such a crush, but nothing more. Now, wE'rE gEtTiNg MaRrIeD. Woot woot!


The Sunshine Brothers

This advertisement for Polaroids brought to you by a fraternity and sunshine.

Spring is here. It really is.


Shot with my Polaroid 320