Me and the Internet

A few photos from recent shopping excursions...the city is packed with Christmas shoppers and plenty of their little dogs--I love the buzz that surrounds Christmas time. It seems like people are happier and nicer to each other (only for the post-Christmas blues to set in and turn us into heartless winter monsters--yipee!!!). Here's a round-up of stuff I've liked recently...enjoy!

This Canadian airline turned holiday travelers into the happiest travelers. I wish I was flying home on their plane!

These Balsa Wood Diamond Christmas ornaments are so neat and groovy for a tree. I'm excited to make these for my Christmas tree next year (our lil' baby tree isn't quite capable of holding up anything...ha!)

I met Roxy Marj last Christmas through a friend when she help a pop-up shop in her house. I was completely enchanted with her wonderful illustrations and crafts and everything that she had created. She had such a defined style in her work and it was so charming and quirky. And even though I wasn't the intended recipient, I ended up buying one of her coloring posters to hang in my apartment. Lucky enough, she is giving away a painting every day for the next little while on her blog.

JeeYoung Lee is an artist that inspires me in ways that I had forgotten I could be inspired. She creates elaborate "dreamscapes" in her small studio all created with tangible, material objects--no digital enhancements or altering. It makes me want to run away to my own dream worlds. (Also, this is sort of in the same vain as one of my favorite photographers, Lissy Elle)

I am hoping to get some snazzy matching sweaters, pajamas, WHATEVER with Ian this year to really emphasize how cute and married we are. I think I've found the perfect selection of sweaters for our tastes. 

A glimpse into the future of Ian-parenting (beard and all). 

I am a religious follower of Bleubird and have been for years. One of my favorite things that has come out from her blog recently is her Maker Series. I love seeing into the real life of creatives--how they do their scheduling, what their spaces look like, what their family life is like, etc. And this spotlight on Thief and Bandit is fantastic. Inspiration for possible future lifestyle? We'll see.

We have been listening to the Peanuts Christmas album non-stop. It's the perfect Christmas music!

And last but not least, a corgi on a carousel. Freaking adorable.


tracie jean said...

I am also obsessed with the Maker Series from Bleubird! I secretly wish she had a new one posted every day because I love reading them so much! You should totally create something similar so I have more to read ;)

Kelli Anderson said...

i'm so jealous of your life