Joyeux Noël

Merry Christmas to all and to all a wonderful night! We are lucky enough to have been able to go home back to Utah for the holidays and it has been just perfect. I love my family, I love my in-laws and I love my friends. We're just so lucky in so many ways and even though we still have a week left, this trip has been such a perfect time.

And even though I have enough thoughts of love in my head and heart to pour out into a lengthy and thoughtful post, I've got treats to eat and a husband to cuddle with. In the meantime, enjoy a plethora of pictures from the last few days of Christmas in France.  


Carolina said...

Beautiful post! I went through it several times! so lovely! Merry Christmas!

meg bird said...

Amazing. I can't believe that's where you LIVE!

ayley said...

i LOVE the way you look at the world. i could set up camp in every one of your photos. plus you're so clever and i am thankful every day when you post.