Holiday Happenings

This news is slightly delayed, but we are back in France and recovering from our travels and our magnificent Christmas vacation back at home. I don't have many photos from our trip home, but it's worth documenting it all. (AKA, you can skip this post if you want.)

We left on the 22nd bright and early to hurry up and wait at the airport. Things were a bit delayed at the airport and we were worried we were going to miss our connections, but thankfully, we sped-walked fast enough and had the right passports ("Americans, to the front of the line!" Woot woot!) and eventually we made our way all the way home without any problems. One thing worth noting, Air France had incredible food. I'm serious, people! 

The next few days were full of Christmas festivities, but we started with celebrating my brother's birthday on the 23rd with Zeponie's pizza from the "Centerville region" as my brother proudly declared while we got our fill of baby giggles and hugs from our nephew. He's eight months old which is my personal favorite age of a child. Once they get any older, things just go downhill.

On Christmas Eve, I got together with a bunch of my girlfriends from high school for breakfast. I had a great time catching up with them and hearing about their lives and just being in the presence of my smart, driven and compassionate friends. I have a few select girlfriends from high school that have been a great source of inspiration for me as we've all gone down our different paths, but I've mostly appreciated how kind they are and how they are always embracing me with loving arms, even when I'm not as good of a friend as I should be. I'm so grateful for that. Also, I'm grateful to finally have an audience for my Mormon jokes. #iknowthesefriendsaretrue

Afterwards, I went with my in-laws to Saving Mr. Banks for their annual Christmas Eve movie. Great film, great tradition. And then the preparations for our Christmas Eve feast began. My one and only mother-in-law cooked prime rib and it was delicious. She's a master. We had a gift exchange with the cousins from Ian's side and I spent the night defending myself after Ian spilled all of my ridiculous interests as of late...puppies, nail polish, Katy Perry. I promise I'm not dumb. 

As the Eve winded down, I participated in my first Thorley sleepover with all the siblings smashed into one room playing rock band until the wee hours of the morning and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I didn't last long. Sleep was my Christmas wish. 

I groggily woke up early in the morning only to find Ian wide awake playing Temple Run on his phone under a blanket. He'd been up for hours. We still get excited for Santa around here. Eventually we scrambled up the stairs to see a smorgasbord of presents all for us! I couldn't stop grinning the whole morning because even though we're grown adults, our Christmas morning was the perfect excuse to act like a kid. It was juvenile, sure, but so much fun. I got Ian some beard shampoo to help him maintain his manly face-mane and a sweatshirt from his favorite band and he surprised me with my very own Instax camera. I went through two packs in a week and a half. I was excited about it, to say the least.

Later that day, we ventured with my family up to Preston and to Logan to visit my relatives. It was an interesting and fun adventure into the beautiful farm lands of Idaho.

After Christmas day, the days started to blend together, but here are the highlights:
My best friend Ali got engaged on Christmas Eve to her fiance, Adam. I couldn't be more thrilled and excited for her. They are getting married in March, and luckily for me (SO LUCKY FOR ME), Ali is flying me out to shoot her wedding!!! As it turns out, too, Adam happens to be the younger brother of one of my dear friends...To say I'm excited for this wedding is quite an understatement. I could cry. I probably will cry. Anywho, I took a few engagement photos for them while I was home and they were winter-y and precious. More photos from this soon!

Ian hosted the 5th Annual Christmas Movie Marathon. This is my third time attending (gradually working my way up in level of importance--friend, girlfriend, wife...next year, baby momma? I'M NOT SERIOUS) and while we only watched two movies compared to five or six in past years, we had a great time catching up with friends. Most of my friends are spread around Utah or in different parts of the country, but we were all back together and it was glorious.

I visited my friends Brissa and Cory and their brand new baby, Jude! I spent some good quality time snuggling and squeezing her little hands and feet and chatting with Cory and Brissa. Those two are a good pair and are going to be wonderful parents. Again, more photos for another post coming soon!

Unfortunately, Ian was sick for the majority of the break. It was pretty sad and we were both bummed about it, but we still packed in a lot of stuff while we were home. We spent the rest of our days hot-tubbing, shopping at City Creek, going to movies, babysitting my lil' nephew, playing Killer Bunnies and Taboo, eating so many treats, having a fantastic New Years and satiating my desires for Indian food, sushi and donuts. But the best part was getting to spend a lot of time hanging out with our families and visiting friends. Being 5,000 miles away from them has made me really appreciate how great my friends and my family really are.
 Also, dogs!

We had a fantastic break and I really cherished my time at home. But I was really excited to come back to France. We have a pretty great life here and there are a lot of things like my routine, what I do with my free time and even our ways of eating that I was starting to miss. It's good to be back in the land of the baguette!

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