Happy Thanksgiving and Other Short Stories

Things that we've done as of late that are notable are these things:
(I'm testing my Perd Hapley skills.)

>>It's now Christmas time!!! I've been incredibly excited for the Christmas season this year, but both Ian and I have been anxiously awaiting the day we got to crack into our Kinder advent calendars (yes, we each have our own) and it finally came. Report: the chocolate is just as good as I thought it would be.

>>We went to a traveling tour of Cirque de Soleil and saw the Alegria show last week. If you have not seen a Cirque de Soleil show, you must find a way to go. I'm not going to spell it out any more than that, but if you know what's good for you, you'll start planning your next trip to Vegas.

>>We hosted a sort of Thanksgiving for our local LDS missionaries and some members a few nights ago. It was a small gathering and it was nothing fancy, (we had Domino's and a slightly burned pumpkin pie), but it turned out to be a hit. We all talked about the things we were grateful for (I am grateful for sunshine, coats and my husband) and sang songs and got to know each other better. Church has been such a special aspect of my life here in France and it felt so good to just serve the people around me.

>>We celebrated our actual Thanksgiving with a group of teachers and students from Ian's school although it ended up being something entirely different from what we were expecting. It was a party with about 50 kids with a DJ blasting top 40s while the kids all sang/screamed rugby chants and songs. It was nuts. Ian said to me at one point in the night, "I have never felt more conservative in my life." And my inner-mom was released when the actual words, "It's too loud," and "It's so late (it was 10:30)," and "Don't they have school in the morning?" came out of my mouth. But I got to chat with Ian's co-workers, we had good food, and we got to make fun of all the kids and they had the time of their lives with their loud-mouthed, teenage comrades. We all had our own kinds of fun.
Also, when we made our way to the restaurant, all the lights in the city were turned on...I couldn't help but squeal. It's so beauoootiful. (Here's another crappy phone photo from our night which I can't stop laughing about.)

>>We are traveled to Pau this weekend--another town a few hours south of us and another place where Ian served his mission. We stayed with some friends of Ian's and we had a wonderful time--definitely a trip we'll remember for a long time. The small town nature of the place made it precious and picturesque--it looks like what people think of when they picture France. More photos and stories from this soon!

>>And probably what I've loved the most, we saw Jamie Cullum in concert last night! It was the last stop of his tour and the show was absolutely electric. He is truly, madly, deeply my favorite musician and artist and I was elated to see him. He rarely tours in the US, let alone in Utah, so to say I was excited is an understatement. I have loved this guy since I was 15 so I am extremely attached to his music seeing as his music was the soundtrack to my growing-up years. I cried during the show. Are we even surprised?
 My favorite songs: Photograph, Don't Stop the Music, After You've Gone, Mind Trick, Pure Imagination...I could go on and on.

>>And last but not least, Ian and I have been married for a whopping six months! Congratulations to us! Here's a picture of our best duck faces. Just for you.


My name is Lydia said...

dominos and pumpkin pie sounds like my kind of thanksgiving celebration. fact: the most pizza deliveries happen on the day before thanksgiving dinner.

also, what nail polish are you wearing?! how did you do your nails??

Anna said...

Haha no surprise on the pizza fact. I love it.

I'm so glad you noticed my nails because I spent forever on them, haha. I attempted some of those space nails that have been floating around the Internet...it was quite difficult. I'm going to attempt it again and hopefully it works out better...I'll send you a link!