"Up and down..."

More photos from la foire! I would apologize about it, but I'm realizing that if you really didn't want to look at it, there are plenty of other time-sucking vacuums on the Internet to entertain you...

Ian and I ventured back to ye ol' fair to actually, you know, ride some of the rides. It ended up being our sort of Halloween celebration since the French don't give a hoot about costumes and candy and HAVING FUN.

(Seriously, why don't these people celebrate Halloween? It is probably my favorite holiday. But in reality, my favorite holiday is whatever holiday is happening next. Holidays are meant to keep people from sinking into crippling depression that leads to unsatisfied lives filled with boredom and misery--I'm serious. And the blogging world agrees with me. So there. But seriously, get it together, France.)

We went through a mildly pathetic, but still scary enough to make Ian laugh at me the whole time haunted house. After, we rode the Infinity which flipped us up and down and hurled us around in circles and tossed my brain around in my very own head. It took both of us a few hours to recover from one and a half rides. All the screaming hurt my throat/probably Ian's ears. Are we pathetic or what?

The greatest part of that ride was how my bus pass that was very securely tucked away in my front pocket managed to disappear from that secure place at some point on the ride. I didn't notice until we had landed and the worker held it up in front of my face saying, "Mademoiselle James?" It took me a second to process...It flew out of my pocket at some point on this dumb ride and who knows where it landed but someone knew and returned it to this ride and this person held on to it because he recognized me and then actually gave it back to me because people are awesome and often much better human beings that I give them credit for.

After gorging on the most delicious churros, we made our way to the Ferris Wheel which I was most excited for. While this song was playing in my head, we took our seats and slowly rose up into the sky full of colorful clouds and rainbows. The views were absolutely incredible and for just a second, I couldn't believe that this was actually where we lived. It was even better to remember that yes, this is where I live and yes, that guy sitting on this ride with me happens to be married to me, too. It was pretty dreamy.

So, enjoy. Bordeaux is beautiful.


Whitney Cosgrave said...

such gorgeous photos. I'd love to visit one day!

Kelli Anderson said...

what? how are these not paintings?

Clack said...

Freak. Anna. Those photos of Ian on the Ferris wheel makes me miss you two pretty good. Luv u guiz