Me and the Internet

Ian and I spent last weekend in Toulouse, a big city a few hours south from Bordeaux. It's such a cute and colorful place, but it was bone-chilling cold. It was a weekend full of adventures good and bad (but only slightly bad). I'm happy to be home in our cozy apartment. Here's what our beloved Internet gave me recently:

Since we moved here, I've had more time to learn how to cook like an adult. I found a compilation of 22 recipes from Bon Appetit that looks doable and smart. Time to start learning!

This is a beautiful, but devastating series of photos of a woman's battle with cancer and her husband's documentation.

I am planning on buying a print from Leslie Duke soon. She paints beautiful still lifes (lives?) of various food items--perfect for a kitchen. But I just can't decide which one to buy..."Roots?" or "Golden?"

I want this shirt asap.

A collection of mugshots from the 20s. What dapper criminals!

Pumpkin Ice Cream Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwiches? Yes. 

The Baby Bachelor is spot on. I couldn't get enough of it. Also, I'm certain Wesley is what my children will look like.

16 Harry Potter illustrations from the books' artist--these are spectacular and I want to hang the last one in my apartment.

If you follow any blog that has anything to do with Provo and/or Mormons, you likely know about The Lower Lights. But in case you don't know about them, they are a group of musicians from Utah who make beautiful folksy Christian music. They have a new Christmas album this year and I can't wait to listen. (I'm waiting for Christmas to start until after Thanksgiving. I can't tell if I'm happy to wait, but Ian insists that it be this way. My little Christmas soul doesn't know what to think (meaning, please tell me I'm not crazy for wanting Christmas already).

That's the round-up of things I like lately! Enjoy, cuties.


Kelli Anderson said...

keep these posts up <3 them

Courtney B said...

Loooove the picture! I want to go there someday!
I have lived in Utah all my life and even lived up north and I've NEVER heard of The Lower Lights! Ooooooh dear!

ayley said...

i love you doing these posts.

also i can completely see your babies looking like wesley. spot on.