Listen. Here's the thing--I don't want my blog to be France-obsessed. But sometimes we can't control things like that. 

Because today was one of those perfect days.

I woke up with forgotten make-up smudged on my face and a crackly throat and a leaking nose. It wasn't in the cards for it to be a good day, but it turned around quickly.

Ian and I went to a movie. We don't see movies often here in France (and we are avid movie watchers--we've definitely felt a loss) just the occasional TV series we can find online or a pre-1960s movie that sounds interesting that we found at the library. But today, we went to a local theater called Utopia...it's a beautiful 17th/18th century church turned movie theater/cafe that shows art films. We saw a film while sitting in red velvet chairs among statues of saints and paintings of cherubs. It's a groovy place.

When we left the movie, we walked around town with the sun shining high and bright. I pet a little dog. We listened to a violinist in the street. We ate kebabs and chocolate donuts.

Later, we walked around the main areas of town to find the Christmas villages being set up and prepared to be opened (next week YEEEEE) and a main square dedicated to booths and booths of antiques. Bordeaux is a smaller sized town (actually a fourth of the size of Salt Lake, but Salt Lake includes all of the mountains and the lake and places like Murray which shouldn't count), but it has a lot of people packed into the area. The city itself is very dense and packed with protected 15th century architecture all highlighted by the streets and surrounding areas. It's the perfect walking town.

There's a part of me that thinks that you all don't believe me when I say Bordeaux is perfect. It's trendy (for lack of better words) to be obsessed with where you live.

But I promise you, if you love where you live, your living can be so, as simply as it can be put, fun. It will mean something to you. You'll see it in a way you haven't before and it can become your haven and it can also be your muse. It can transform from a Podunk, lifeless hole into your home that will always welcome you. And even if you leave, it'll still have a place for you. This happened for me with Logan. Yes, dear sweet little Logan, Utah was my favorite place in the world when I was there, and Bordeaux is swiftly becoming My Place, too.

Love where you live. I promise it will love you back.

This song is exactly what I'm talking about. It also makes me shake my hips and shimmy my shoulders because it's just so trill, ya'll. 


Katherine said...

Lovely picture!

Monica H. said...

Please keep it France-obsessed. It is extremely intriguing. And this is SO good...great outlook. You've got a head on your shoulders!

Catherine said...

This is perfect. I love living vicariously in France through you and I'm grateful for your reminder to love where you live. It's wonderful when you finally get to a point where you can experience those feelings for a new place!