sunny-days in the park with Ian

 A few days ago, Ian and I took advantage of a full day without work and a lifetime supply of SUNSHINE to go to the park. It was awesome.

The first week we were here, it was hot. And humid. I was sweaty and sticky and extremely jet-lagged which helped me earn the title of "Most Chipper Wife" for my outstandingly cranky performance.

I should've appreciated those days.

Since then, it's rained almost every single day. And it's cloudy every day. Which is fine, I guess. (Although it did seem to take a toll on Ian after five straight days of down pour..."This is effing absurd." Haha!)It's really not a big deal especially since our seasons will be a bit more temperate than the bi-polar Utah weather that we're accustomed to. But man, oh man, oh MAN when the sun comes out, do I crave to have those rays wraps their loving arms around my body.

Back to park/sunny day. We jumped on a bus and headed to a park that was a bit more out-of-town that we hadn't been to. It was kind of dumpy and it took some searching to find a place without a lot of mud (freaking rain ruins the days when it isn't even raining freaking rain), but eventually we found a place to settle for a while. Shortly after we camped out, some sort of kids' race began and we were swarmed. I made fun of the pubescent Olympians who thought they were so fast until that second inevitable lap began and Ian called out the cheaters cutting corners.

We ended up spending most of the day lounging around, playing songs on the ukulele, taking naps and reading books (I'm reading The History of Love and Ian is reading The Planet of the Apes--both we would highly recommend). It was a lovely day at the park.


The other day, Ian and I were talking about life back at home and at one point to clarify what life we were talking about, I said without hesitation, "So, we're talking about real life?"

This is a dream life. I spend most hours of the day with my husband. We eat good food. We live in a nice apartment. We live in a beautiful city. We have the means to not only make our life possible, but meaningful as well. This experience that we get to have is rare.

There are downsides, of course. And I'm sure in due time there will be a blog post(s) about them.

But until then, I will savor the ridiculous jokes we make and the meals we eat together and the walks we go on and the beautiful places we see and the time--oh, the time--we have together.


kell said...

oh anna, your life is a dream!!! thanks for sharing. you guys are blessed, enjoy!!

Claire Andra White said...

Anna, I love reading your blog but had taken a break from all blogs for a past few months because of time/life stuff. Anyway, I'm back at it and there were few blogs I wanted the full update on. Yours was one of them! And I noticed you are now a Thorley! My maiden name is Thorley, so your husband and I are likely related! (My grandparents are Theon and Joanne Thorley, incase that rings a bell). Your adventures in France are inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


Anna said...

Claire! Happy to see that you read my blog as much as I read yours. Ha! And your maiden name is Thorley...how nuts! I asked Ian if he knew your grandparents and he said know, but I will check with my in-laws about it too. There aren't many Thorleys out there, so I'm sure we're related! Anywho, good to hear from you!

Anna said...

***know means no...ha. Don't know how that happened.

Maddy said...

This is so beautiful. As is your life. Love you Anna