Me and the Internet


I love the Internet. And I'd like to think that it loves me, too. It always tells me about that new dumb pop song that I will love or the arts-y things people do (lol) or that thought-provoking article on blah blah blah or a hilarious gif or a delicious new recipe I want to try and most importantly, it finds all things that make me go "Awwwweeeee."

There is so much stuff out there, though. So, I'm going to start putting together a list of the things I like the most. Call this a rip off of plenty of other blogs (seriously, I'm totally ripping them off), but there's a lot of good stuff out there that needs to be shared. Who knows how often I'll put something like this up, but for now, here's a compilation of Internet treats that I'm sharing with you! Yes, YOU!

Halloween treats gone wrong...hilarious video of kids enjoying fun and healthy Halloween treats! (They actually taste like "poopy piñata.")

Eight messages to teach young women and girls about happiness. I've read a lot of articles like this, but this one has been the most reasonable and realistic to me. And conversely, five things I wish I didn't know in my 20s.

Jimmy Fallon and Edward Norton play Egg Russian Roulette. I will be forcing my friends to play this with me!

Homemade twix bars. Ian and I don't have an oven that works, which has eliminated pretty much any option of baked treats (so sad). These will appease our homemade treat-less hearts.

I'm not the biggest Fiona Apple fan, but this version of Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas done by her gives me the chills:

An incredible paper cut-out stop-motion music video for Shugo Tokumaro's song "Katachi". Amazing video, super fun song.

I just finished reading "The History of Love" and it was absolutely beautiful. It has an interesting and captivating plot with charming and complex characters and it is a perfect combination of relate-able, personal narratives written like descriptive poetry. I loved it.


Hope you like the links! Feel free to share other good stuff in the comments if you want!


Kelli Anderson said...

i really like this post. i used a phrase the other day that i heard ayley use and i felt obliged to "give credit" and then i was like, it's words. it's not a photo she took. it's just words. people are allowed to do what other people did. in our credit-giving internet society we feel so obliged to not rip other people off. people don't own ideas. PEOPLE DON'T OWN IDEAS. i'm saying all this because i think the idea of sharing in a blog format your favorites links on the internet is not ripping anyone off. i like your unique curation

My name is Lydia said...

okay i REALLY REALLY like this. you want to know why? because i'm always seeing articles and blog posts of people pledging to back off the internet because it's ruining their lives, and i'm over here like HELLO give this internet some CRED!

Anna said...

Really though. The Internet is awesome and obviously there is moderation in all things but how about you moderate your uppity attitudes before slamming my Internet?! You get it.

Jennie Grange said...

SO true!