la foire

Photos from la foire!

 Ian and I walked around the fair the other day where I kind of embarrassed myself--when we rounded the corner and saw everything, I screamed a little and did a jig. There's something so charming and exciting about fairs and amusement parks and it brings out the inner-child, or in our case, the dweeb-y high school lovers who have little awareness of their own PDA.

I was laughing to myself while we were walking around, too, because I kept saying how awesome it was although we didn't even go on any rides. But we got a French doughnut filled with Nutella and a sugar and butter crepe to appease our fair food needs.

We're going back next weekend to test our stomachs on the catapult and my possible fear of heights on the ferris wheel. It was a perfect night out and I can't wait to go back.

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kell said...

anna, the photos are so great!! i want to try ALL the food! i especially love it when i see you in a reflection taking the photo. makes me feel like i am there with you.

your photography is such a delight and really tells a story. i love it!, oh, and your a really good writer too. keep up the bloggin. we here in the states are never satisfied! love you!