ianandannaweddingparty3000 #5 -- eat up

After we were sealed, our close friends and family has a delicious lunch at Buca di Beppo in downtown Salt Lake. We chose Buca because it fit the party vibe of our wedding, it was decently priced, the food is served family style (tons of portions for EVERYBODY) and it also happens to be really, really delicious food (Ian happens to work there as well).

The name cards were cootie-catchers with dorky questions about Ian and I like our favorite Pokemon characters and the most important Parks and Recreation characters. We also had papers for our friends to write the most memorable things from the sealing (which I absolutely loved reading later). For thank yous, we made a mix CD of our favorite songs. Ian has made me many a mix CDs throughout our relationship, so it only seemed natural.

After eating our delicious feast, our dads, Skyler, the best man, and Lindsey, the best lady gave heartfelt, simple and touching toasts. I blubbered through some words, Ian was well-spoken and calm. We are each others opposites. Ha.

We left with a balloon send-off from cheering family and friends and then we were OUTTA THERE.


One more post left of our absolutely spectacular wedding video!!! I can't wait to share it. 

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katrina said...

cootie catcherz? anna you are the coolest. and i am in love with your exit pic. total babe.