ianandannaweddingparty3000 #4 -- for time and all eternity

What the celebrating was all about.
On June 1st, Ian and I were sealed--we became a family. Being sealed has given a whole new depth to my relationship with Ian. My perspective of eternity was widened and my sense of identity was strengthened. I know who I am because I am sealed to him. And I know what we can become.


To those whom this applies to, the day before Ian and I got married, we did a session of sealings in the morning and I would highly recommend doing the same thing. It eased my nerves and helped me to really soak up what was being said all which made my sealing comfortable, easy, and meaningful. There were a lot of decisions made throughout this wedding planning process, but this was one of the best I made.


To learn more about temples, click here.


Levi and Allison said...

So sweet. What a beautiful day. I love all the pictures you've posted. And I love that idea of doing sealings before your own. Way cool.

kylee said...

i DIE over these pictures. literally keel over and die. okay, not literally, but whatever. you made a GORGEOUS bride. i love how you focused so much on the temple sealing and i absolutely love your advice about doing sealings the day before. that's a pin meant for my secret wedding perfection pinterest board - only the real good stuff goes there.

ayley said...

so beautiful. my gosh. all i can use to describe these pictures is "natural".

Jewelz said...

YOU LOOK STUNNING!! by the way your red hair is amazing. you look so happy!