Home Sweet Bordeaux

JSYK. We've arrived in the great land of France and we're taking the next few days to settle into our new surroundings. The time zone change and the 14-hour flight have exhausted me completely, but luckily, the bakery is only down the street, so we're all okay.

We're living next door to Ian's workplace in a quieter area in Bordeaux, but only about a ten minute walk from downtown. Our apartment is glorious (hardwood floors!) and better than we could've imagined.

I'm not completely lost as far as the French goes, but I can...wait. What am I saying? I'm completely lost as far as French goes. I try to say "merci" and I halfway say "gracias." And I don't even know Spanish that well at all. This learning thing is going to be a long process. But I feel like I'll likely be driven to learn faster and better because it'll make me so mad to not know anything. Ha.

Most importantly, I've eaten the best goat cheese I've ever tasted.

There are the updates for now. I'll post more pictures soon.

Au revoir!


mina said...

When I moved to Montreal, I had a tendency to try and speak Spanish to people as well. It was weird because I don't speak Spanish either but we had recently spent a lot of time in Central America, so...

Anyway, best of luck with settling in. Your place looks pretty!

kell said...

i think i could be very cost sleeping on that floor!!

Kelli Anderson said...

that hardwood appears to be insanely clean and brand new in the which case this is true i am extremely jealous