an update

I realize that my blog has been fairly detail-less about our current situation and what the Thorleys are all about these days. Also, it's been detail-less about my life in general for a long time and I'm sorry about that.

So. I give you a sort of comprehensive update including past events, current situations and future tentative plans:

Ian and I are currently living in Bordeaux. It's more southern and practically on the western coast. We're about a four or five hour train ride from Paris, to give you a geographical knowledge of how we're, ya know, not in Paris. Ha.

Ian has an internship through the French Ministry of Education. He's a language assistant in a high school where he will be teaching English. In France, high schools are often more specialized than American high schools. Kids kind of figure out what their education and career paths will be in high school (like the pathways at Viewmont). The high school he's working at specializes in languages. It's a fairly prestigious high school in the area and although it's public education, students apply to get in.

And now I'll brag a lil' bit.

It's a big deal that Ian got this internship and got assigned to this specific school as well. He's the only applicant from Utah State and the U to have been accepted to teach and the internship itself is an incredible opportunity offered all over the US and in many other countries as well. (We even saw this exact position being advertised at the French Consulate in San Francisco.) Bordeaux was his first pick to be assigned to and he's working all of his hours at this specific school. There are plenty more details, but I'll just summarize and say that he is the cream of the crop in his position. 

A few years ago, Ian served a mission in the Toulouse, France mission (now part of the Lyon mission). He never served directly in Bordeaux, but he had been here a few times for zone conferences and exchanges. I've really loved this part of our adventure so far...when we walked to the church for the first time, he kept saying, "This is just like my mission. But I'm holding hands with my companion." Ha. He's made the same walks that we've made and when we went to church on Sunday, he saw a few familiar faces. There's just something so wonderful about seeing Ian's fondness for France and French people and French culture.

When he got home, he went back to Utah State and he graduated this May with his degree in French. He found out about this position through a professor's recommendation and although the application process was lengthy and took a long time to process, he got the position. And now here we are!

One thing that must be said: I'm incredibly proud of Ian. Really. So much. He is talented and smart. But more than that, he's driven, motivated and passionate. He knows what he wants and he makes it happen. It's incredibly inspiring.

I hesitate to post what our future plans are because they are only plans and who knows what could happen and it makes me cringe to see declarations about this or that and my upcoming internship on the moon. But I'll post them anyway.


The plan for Ian is to go to grad school and get a doctorate degree in French and to teach at a university. Dr. Thorley. Pretty cool.

BUT. I have one year left at Utah State in my program (in case you didn't know, I'm a broadcast journalism major). I really love my program and I especially love my teachers there and the network I've created there, so when we've finished up our European adventure, we'll go back to Logan for me to finish. And then we'll go to grad school!!!

There are so many different things that could happen here though. What if Ian gets offered a killer job that's not in Logan? What if grad school happens sooner than planned? What if Ian gets offered a job here in Europe? What if I get a job pre-graduation? What if I get a killer job in Utah, but not where we want to go for grad school? What about our dog? When can we get our dog? Ian, we need to talk about when we're getting our dog?

There are lots of ifs, ands, and buts. Who knows what the future holds? But I am so confident in the unknown--and in Ian.


I haven't spoken much about our relationship or him on this blog, and eventually I'll get around to posting some of our history and how we become what we are because it was a funny process, but I have to say that I love him so much and more than I thought possible. And I have loved him for a long time.

People say not to have expectations, that lists are dangerous. And you'll only be let down. But Ian is everything I've ever wanted in a partner and I've been in love with that idea, and him, since I was a girl. He is everything to me and it feels so peaceful and yet so invigorating to be his something.


There's the stuff. There's what we are and what we're (mostly) all about at the current moment. 

Until next time,

Au revoir!


Lindsay said...

YOU TWO! love. miss. gah!

Kelli Anderson said...

sorry i have to comment on every post its just that i like to comment and let you know my thoughts. this is wonderful. no one knows what they are doing. it's awesome that you have plans at all. these are fantastic plans.

petal and plume said...

wow! what a fabulous post. all the best to you two! your blog is so great.

kell said...

Beautiful sandwich, beautiful thoughts!!

ayley said...

anna. this is the greatest thing i have read all day. and for a day of reading, that's somethin'.

i am just in awe of the two of you lovers.