ianandannaweddingparty3000 #1 -- me and him

And the wedding photos begin!


Before our reception, we took a few photos of the two of us and our parties before the guests arrived. The top photo is one of my favorite pictures of us from our wedding. And the second photo is hilariously dorky and a titch unflattering, but it's proof that we really do like each other. Ha. 


One of the best decisions I made about our wedding was the scheduling of events.We had our reception on the 31st of May--the day before our wedding. And we did the whole get hitched thing the next morning and followed it up with lunch with our close family and friends.

Split day weddings are becoming more and more popular and I am totally in support of that trend. There are so many perks; we had the whole day to get ready for the reception and make it look just right and I was excited and energized for the reception instead of being incredibly tired. But the biggest reason why I wanted to do it this way was so I could get married and just relax. On Saturday, I got sealed to Ian and then ate lunch with my family and friends. It was easy and care-free. And I got to spend decent alone time with my new husband on our wedding day (what a concept!). We took a walk around SLC later that night holding hands, chatting about the day and then got burgers for dinner, like our normals selves, only married now.

Moral of the story, the split day was a perfect way to get what we wanted from our wedding without completely exhausting ourselves and our family and friends involved. It was perfect for us.

--- Photos by J. Taylor Photography


kylee said...

i've never really wanted a split wedding... and then i read your post and changed my mind. all of a sudden it seems like anything else would be silly. having a wedding day that includes the word "relax" in it sounds basically perfect.

Brissa said...

amen to that stressed out part during the reception. let's remember my multiple freak outs due to our personal friggin paparazzi. never mind, let's not talk about it.

i like your words on the split day. i love the idea of just chillin with your boo before "the big night" because let's be honest. going from one thing to another to another to sexy times is just crazy! taking a break let's you relax and soak up that early married glow.

i love you guys.
don't leave me!