ianandannaweddingparty3000 #3 -- party time


---cake cutting---

This little tradition was, uh, fun! I shoved my piece of cake entirely in Ian's face and his reaction was... a little freaky. He was totally shocked (I really don't know why though) and according to my brother-in-law, he looked like the "rage button" had been pushed. So, when he took his turn to give me my slice, I was freaking scared and was expecting a face full of frosting. He gave me a little tiny bite--nothing more. Ha. What a gentlemen. Always keeping me on my toes.

---first dance---

We danced to Fields of Gold by Sting and the Police. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of love in the golden light of dusk in the summer that lasts until old age. I first fell in love with Ian in the summertime and I can't wait to see us  when our children run through those same fields of gold.

---daddy-daughter dance---

My dad and I danced to Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. My dad requested this song be our song probably a decade ago--it was one of the first things planned and my favorite part of the reception. My dad never cries, but I knew he'd start crying during our dance. But instead of tears, my dad was advised by a friend to think of dead puppies. Anytime my dad started to tear up, he'd laugh and say, "So, remember when we put Lilly down? And how she was dead and all?" It was hilarious and adorable. I love my dad. 


It was mandatory that dancing was at our reception. And my dance-tastic friends didn't disappoint. Brett, the superstar in the first picture helped me make a genius playlist that got everyone dancing--even my in-laws. After I changed into my "party" wedding dress, the dancing began. We had a blast and danced long after the people had gone home.

---bouquet tossing---

Lindsey caught it. Just like I had planned. 

We wanted a party atmosphere for our reception and that's just what we had. It was casual and laid-back and we didn't have a line (which is totally doable just so you know, so don't listen to what everyone says about how you have to have a line, unless you really want one). And after the festivities wound down, my friends and I jumped in the pool for a midnight swim. We celebrated getting married by, well, celebrating.

The only kind of negative thing about my reception (which I think every bride and groom probably feels) was that I wished I had more time to spend with the people who came. Because I appreciated every single person who came whether it was best friends from Ecuador, my dad's co-workers or my childhood best friend's grandpa. It meant so much to see every person there and I wish I could have talked in detail and really caught up with those people that came. Know that I love all of you that came and I want to give you at least three more hugs!

Other deets:

The flowers and rentals (furniture, dance floor, linens) were from Tracy at The Window Box.
The waffles were from Pierre Vandamme (the greatest!) at Bruges Waffles.
All the other food was from my all-knowing and all-doing mother-in-law.
The cake was from Granite Bakery in Holladay. (I heard it was delicious, ha!)
And the incredible band (one of my favorite "decorations") was comprised of my talented brother Bobby James on drums, my uncle Jim Schaub on the bass, our great and dear friend Nick Manning on guitar and Brian Booth on sax and Mel Shore on piano, both who are dear family friends.


Levi and Allison said...

I am still so upset that I missed this! What a beautiful reception. I've always felt that you deserve the best, Anna, and I'm so happy that that's how you and Ian got to start off your life together :)

kylee said...

Your reception was perfect!!!! Seriously though. I only wish I could have stayed the whole time.

Anonymous said...

What fun! You and the party looked great!

Ashley Benjamin said...

ANNA. Okay, first of all, that picture of you in the dance costume when you were little? Dying. Your childhood pictures are the best. Secondly, you looked SO beautiful and happy! Love it. I am SO SAD I missed this reception. Happy for you though. :) Can't wait to hear about your France adventures!! Ah!
Oh, and PS - your sister is in my new ward! Hoorah.

katrina said...

your reception was the best reception I've ever been to. (excluding mine) honest. it was amazing.

Catherine said...

Looking through these pictures once again and I am still so angry that I missed this! Love looking through your wedding posts and seeing what a wonderful celebration of love you two had. Each picture speaks volumes of love and happiness. You deserve to be so happy and you deserve all the wonderful things in the world. So glad you found Ian and that you could start your life together :)

Jana Stoneman said...

Agreed. If I ever have a wedding and or reception, I will simply come back to this post and say "please recreate." Love you Anna. So sad I missed it, but glad I could highlights to the beginning of your amazing life with Ian!

Brissa said...

you are SO LUCKY i left that ballerina picture of you on that table. seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen.
i loved your reception. cory can't stop talking about those dang mini hamburgers.