We went camping the other night at the Bountiful Peak Campground. We got rained on which ended our adventure prematurely, but we still had fun eating delicious tin-foil dinners (which I totally forgot was a thing) and probably too many s'mores. The campground also had water spigots and pretty nice outhouses...maybe we were cheating, but it sure was easy camping. And even though we were 15 minutes away from home, we still felt like we were on a weekend vacation.

Summer is the best.


Kelli Anderson said...

ballin audi

kylee said...

i always die over your photography skills anna.

Anna said...

Ballin audi. Lolololololololol.

Tahnee said...

Yes! Summerteim, camping, and husbands. THE BEST.
Oh, and Anna James...even though you changed your name its hard to not say Anna James. You are amazing.