Hello blog friends.

I'm now married. I have a husband. I am a wife. And it feels wonderful.

We had an incredible wedding celebration and a lovely honeymoon. I keep replaying all the fun and sweet and hilarious and special moments in my head from the last few weeks.

I'm really, seriously, honestly, truthfully, totally, very blessed.

Lol. But really. I mean it.

I'll update you on life soon.


Levi and Allison said...

Woo hoo! So happy for you :) Hawaii?! Jealous!

Shelby said...

ahh soo excitng! congrats girl! and hope there a pictures! i bet everything was just amazing :)

ayley said...

woohoo! i can't wait to see all your wedding photos and honeymoon pictures!!

kylee said...

first post as a married woman!! YES!

Kelli Anderson said...

celebrate good times!