Military Genius @ WhySound


I played a show with these two hooligans last night up here in Logan. It must have been some sort of  transition going from my dinky lil' set of jazzy songs to these two blasting your ears with body-jerking beats and tricky lyrics.

After these guys, Children of the North ended the night with some of the happiest and special music around. It was a show of my best friends, all playing together. That doesn't happen often. But it was pretty magical and I absolutely loved being a part of it.

A few more pictures to come soon!


Shelby said...

oh my goodness, who are these boys?? they look rad! love these shots!

Shelby said...

You and Ian are perfect. Annnnd I wanna hear you sing again. And I miss you.


ayley said...

had no idea he was a musician and i'm loving your union more and more!