Well, dear blog friends, the time has come for me to call upon you all and your wealth of knowledge (and time and accessibility to Internet materials, really).

So many things are great about my life right now--I've got a good man, good friends, good schoolings and good work-times. I'm definitely blessed. But I'm finding myself easily distracted by the bad and quick to forget the good. I'm stressed and moody and I just want to be better.

So please, any handy tips or good advice for a bride-to-be? How to make planning a wedding not so stressful and actually enjoy it? How to be better at managing my time? How to be more organized? Have any great talks from inspired men and women? How to be a better girlfriend/fiance/wife?

TELL ME PLZ so I can not feel like this all the ding-dong day.


This post is brought to you a broken down car, Cramps with a capital "C", not seeing Ian for a whopping 2 days (I'm pathetic) and only one box of Samoas available for purchase from the Girl Scouts.

I'm whining, I know. But I've been craving marriage tips and advice and all sorts of that good stuff (like Never Go To Bed Angry and Just Sleep Until You're Not Mad Anymore types of stuff). So, married peeps, single folk with awesome, snuggly, middle-aged parents, single folks who have watched a lot of Rom-coms, single folks who've taken really good care of their cactus plants, ENLIGHTEN ME.


Anna said...

This Mormon message made me feel pretty good already. So those of you who look at these comments, watch this video if you so desire.


Kelli Anderson said...

my heart jumped with happiness and melted into a puddle at that photo. you've heard enough from me already. here's just yet another confirmation that i'm obsessed with you.

Kelli Anderson said...

my heart jumped with happiness and melted into a puddle at that photo. you've heard enough from me already. here's just yet another confirmation that i'm obsessed with you.

Brissa said...

what Kelli said about being obsessed with you. but really, never go to bed angry!! Cory and I talk about everything until it's resolved and we understand each other. which can sometimes be a pain when it's late and we're both exhausted, but it's always worth it.
marriage is the best. planning a wedding is stressful. cory kept telling me not to stress the small stuff. only you know your vision. everyone else will think it's a beautiful wedding/reception. and Anna, IT WILL BE!!! I canNOT wait to see it.
just enjoy the day. and don't freak out when all your Hispanic aunts and uncles try to take pictures while the photographer is working. I mean, really......

mrs.thomas said...

I love giving advice!
1. Remember that the wedding is literally only one day and let people help you!
2. Make sure that you are listening to understand your spouse.
3. Don't compare your relationship to others.
4. Rock climb together. But really, do it!

katrina said...

just be in love on your wedding day. the other stuff is great but aren't you getting married cause you are so madly i'm love you can't imagine not being married? yeah just think about that and you'll love every second.

as for going to bed angry... Jeff and i actually prefer it. ninety nine percent of the time we are just emotional and tired and if we just shut up and go to bed we wake up refreshed and able to talk about it sensibly. and lots of times even laugh about it. you'll find out what works for you guys!

and i agree with mrs. thomas. NEVER compare your relationship to others. its poison, i tell you!

being married really is fantastic. you are going to love it.

and last... call me!

Kelli Anderson said...

in most cases, your relationship with your spouse is a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself. if you compare yourself to others, you'll probably compare your relationship to others. if you love yourself, you'll probably love your relationship. if you doubt your abilities and your capacity to accomplish your dreams, you'll likely doubt the abilities of your relationship and it's capacity to accomplish both your dreams.

Kelli Anderson said...

also, everyone needs to just relax on the go to bed or don't go to bed angry thing. every situation is different, and just like you know when you need to stay up writing in your journal, crying, eating ice cream and watching tv some nights to care for yourself, and other nights you just need to force your brain off and get some shut eye, the same goes with your relationship. each situation is different and you have to play it by ear. the mystery of marriage/any committed relationship disappears almost entirely when you begin to recognize and nurture the self-relationship, and make a true commitment to it.

also, hands down, our biggest fights happen in the middle of the night. we get specified noise complaints "from 12:10 am until 1:40 am there was loud yelling and screaming." i've learned there are times those fights are good because we do work things out. most of the time though, we wake up the next mornig and say the saddest, funniest apology and promise never to fight while tired-drunk. so it goes both ways.

there are times we just have to go in separate rooms and force ourselves to not fight with each other until someone falls asleep. and then it could go either way, you wake up glad a fight that didn't need to happen was prevented. or sometimes you wake up way more pissed off and the fight that should have just happened the night before was only delayed.

i know this is all unsolicited. but i also like lily and marshall's way of pausing fights until there is a time and place to have the fight. they go on for weeks. oh how i met your mother. <3