Things eaten as of late--so many delicious salads. I'm definitely on a kick.

I've been indulging in over-priced raspberries, goat cheese, roasted pecans and red wine dressing. Any good salad recommendations?


Ryan & Jules

**I shot a few weddings over the summer and didn't get to posting hardly any of them. So, for me to remember how nice the summer feels and for you to look at some of the great people I interacted with, I'll be posting them on here now.** 

Ryan and Jules got married on a lovely June day. Their wedding was full of lots of friends, family and dancing. These two cuties were so great to work with and were so relaxed and pleasant on their big day.

And now they're expecting a baby girl in the next few weeks! Congratulations Ryan and Jules! You guys are great!



So this happened:

It still feels a bit surreal, really. But it's happening.

A million, trillion, bazillion thoughts are running through my head, but at the same time, it's all so clear and focused--I love someone and he loves me.

How lucky am I?