Street pt. 1

One of my recent attempts at Sartorial-ing: I documented some nice-looking people that I happen to go to school with--a fun lil' project that hopefully will happen more often in the future.

Check out my article about Aggie street style for Aggie BluePrint here. More posts with more nice-looking people coming soon!

From top to bottom: Denver, Caitlin, Christian, Dani, and Tucker. Thanks for all your help, guys!


The Bicycle Animation

By Katy Beveridge. So cool. SO COOL.


military genius

Last weekend, a few of my friends played in the "Logan City Limits" festival. Their band, Military Genius, is one of my favorites to see because they play songs about dancing until your hearts crack and your backs break, how their girlfriends always turn into lesbians, and Pokemon.

With that kind of content, a good time was inevitably had by all.

second dam

A peaceful portrait at second dam in the canyon. I know I'm not alone in this feeling, but something about the water is absolute magic. I wish I lived closer to a beach or a lake.

I have some thoughts simmering in my head and heart. Soon they will be heard. 



Spring has sprung. Thank the heavens. 

I'm being incredibly indecisive about these photos, so they're both staying up here for now. Which do you like more?



Here's my friend, Ian. I love him to death. And it's his birthday today, so it only fits that I post some photos of him lookin' steezy.



For today's sundee stuffs, we have wonderful a stop-motion short from Argentine director Juan Pablo Zaramella for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Happy Easter, everybody!



Even though Utah's bipolar weather gave us snow today, it will soon pass and spring is here! 


Ryan and Julie pt. 2

These all remind me so much of this song.

Even though they thought they weren't, these guys were total naturals and great in front of the camera. You can really tell that these two are a solid couple that care a lot for each other. It was a pleasure spending time with these two and I'm definitely looking forward to their June wedding.


Ryan & Jules pt. 1

A few shots of Ryan and Jules. More to come in a bit.



More attempts at male portraiture--behold: David, Michael, and Harrison. I love these guys.