I had to post on leap day...I can't just pull another February 29th out of the thin air of the cyber-world, so here is a shadowy self-portrait from today. I love these shadows and I love the way they make skin look. It's not the most flattering (look at those PORES), but it looks so authentic and human.

I guess I'm just saying, enjoy**.

Did Leap Day Williams visit you?

**And I've said it multiple times on this blog and on my flickr, but I'll just say it again: I'm not that narcissistic. It's just that I am my best model because I'm always there when I need me. That's all.


jesse & leslie

Congratulations to Jesse & Leslie! These guys spent their engagement near, but apart from each other while they both studied abroad in the middle east. They were clearly ready and excited to be married after being away from each other--and I would be too. It was so great to be a part of their day and to see a couple just plain happy to be with each other.

Thanks Jesse & Leslie!



It snowed quite a bit last week, which has been so rare in Logan this year. So rare, that I keep thinking that I'm living in Malibu! But the snow came and reminded me, as it always does, how ridiculously beautiful it is--the mountains in Sardine Canyon proving to have some of the most beautiful scenes. Sardine is the best/worst thing about Logan. It is so beautiful, and is often so terrifying to drive through. Also, nature diptychs are the best thing in the world to me lately.




Happy Valentine's day, peeps. I love you all. You know that, right?

A few things:

The two prints are lino-cuts from the USU Print Guild and the bottom left photo is of Valentines for a project from my new job. THAT I'M GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT SOON. Because it's incredible.

Also, if you're an Aggie, I'm contributing to a new student magazine called BluePrint! It's an all new kind of publication for Utah State, made entirely by the students and for the students, so you should definitely check it out! I have two features in it--a street style segment about backpacks, because I love them, and a video asking if guys or girls should make the first move. Yes, I mean that move.  Even if you're not a Utah Stater, you should still check it out!

 Okay. I love you all. I really do. Hope this Valentine's treats you well.


Kristen Cook Photo-A-Day

Kristen Cook, photographer and mother, documented her children with a photo-a-day in January.
Her photos are some of the most interesting photos I've ever seen of children, which puts a pleasant twist on what could be a typical subject. The simple nature of the series creates an incredibly intimate environment that makes you feel right at home. This is a truly lovely series that opens a door into the wonderful world of motherhood. Beautifully composed, stunning black and whites, and genuine emotion make these some of my favorite photos as of late.

See more of the project and her work here.



My dearest friends and lovers, I have a few things to address:

First off, I really loved having so much feedback from you guys on the last couple of posts. It was awesome to get a good discussion going on with you guys, because I love hearing what you guys have to say. So I want to keep that up.

I'm testing out a new website. Check it out: RIGHT HERE. What do you think? Also, is it time to shed the blogspot skin? Should I spread my wings and get my own domain? Is it worth it?

I'm singing a song in my choir concert tomorrow and I am royally nervous. It's probably one of the most difficult songs I've ever sung and it's in front of 1200+ people. Any advice on how I could not have a panic attack?

I posted on my dear friend Catherine's blog today (here) and it's somewhat about love. Does me talking about love make you feel uncomfortable? How much about your love life would you share on a blog or a public space?

And a heated topic: what do you guys think about the prop 8 repeal? What do you fellow Mo-mos think?


Colton & Caitlin pt. 2

This was one of the best weddings I've been to, and easily one of my favorites to take photos of. Caitlin loved my "fake film" style and wanted me to mimic that with her reception. Luckily for me, I felt so at ease at this wedding and felt totally comfortable with myself and my style. The reception at Wheeler farm was just lovely and it included plenty of dancing, hilarity and good people--just the way a wedding should be.

 Contact me if you're interested in me shooting your wedding! (anna.james@comcast.net)