A few weekends back, some friends and I concluded the summer and hailed in the Fall season on the precise day of the September Equinox with a camping excursion. It was fun, cold at times, mostly relaxing and pretty enjoyable. A good way to wrap up the season of summer, if I say so myself. More photos of the shindig to come soon.

I didn't do a whole lot of "things" over the summer--I mostly worked and lackadaisical-ly played. But I learned a lot about work-ethic, about passions, about friendship, about dreams, and about love.

And now, for my brain to remember and for you to read I suppose, a list of notable things:


- found out that I am going to be an aunt!!!
- pondered the eternities at the St. George temple with Jace
- ate strawberry and spinach salads
- read The Alchemist, The Fault in Our Stars, Outliers, and Mistborn  
- learned about the temple and all that it signifies
- cooked from a French cookbook
- fell in love with cinema, namely, the Fall
- miraculously got tan (for me, at least)
- lived with the wonderful and so very special Caitlin Caldwell
- cried over Fields of Gold
- barista-d
- imagined witnessing a supernova while listening to m83
- the design in the stars is the same in our hearts
- ate a cupcake while figuring out some things
- played sand volleyball
- drank sangria and sprite
- missed Lindsey like always
- sang songs about love letters and relationships and scarfaces
- almost died from laugh-induced stomach cramps listening to Blood Brothers
- attended and shot a lot of weddings (and loved it!)
- learned to love Yoga
- watched so much Adventure Time
- cut six inches of my hair off then melted it
- vagabonded/was homeless for two weeks
- got in fights and then got over it
- RubySnap
- slept in a hammock on a cliffside
- felt the true and very real power of the Priesthood
- had nightmares
- went rock climbing for the first time
- friends returned from missions
- rode a mint green road bike around town
- ate and looooved a lot of sushi
- missed David hard-core
- religiously listened to so many podcasts.
- jumped into rivers and oggled the lights in the mountains
- loved someone


Elisha said...

A hammock? ON A CLIFF!? Wowzers!

ayley said...

you're full of it. "lackadasical-ly played"? you adventurer!

also i like when you get all personal n stuff. i like seeing your life.

kylee said...

i'm with ayley. i like seeing your life too. i also like when you blog (i have been missing your posts).

Kelli Anderson said...

i third everyone. share more personal life!!! i found myself getting so jealous that i wasn't doing all that with you.

katrina said...

i second kelli and fourth her?

katrina said...

i mean i fourth Ayley. yeah, that.