McKay & Emi

These two lovely souls are McKay & Emi. Their engagement shoot was one of my favorite shoots to date and I am so looking forward to their wedding tomorrow. I've known these two since our young teenage years and I do have to say it is a wonderful privilege to get to take pictures of friends you love, but even better, to get to see them fall in love.

Congratulations McKay & Emi. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!


Elisha(: said...

Gosh. These are great! I love her dress. (:

Levi and Allison said...

Such a beautiful couple-inside and out. Wonderful photography, Anna.

Kelli Anderson said...

fab uh luz.

ayley said...

so editorial. ahhhh
you are such an artist, anna.
also that dress of hers? the one from h&m in that pretty blueish color? i'm so jealous it looks great on her because i fell in love with it until i tried it on.... #embarrassinglyugly

they are SO beautiful. you done good.

Elicia Launi said...

umm.. perfection. in every way. . . anna teach me your ways. :(

Carolee Beckham said...

this is one hot couple. excellent execution of the engagement session! love this. :) great styling, great locations.

anna said...

love the styling on this! so great!!


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I was looking at these, before reading the post title and I thought he looked familiar...then I realized it WAS who I thought it was...McKay. My husband Jachen knows him, they were companions on their missions in London. Crazy!

Great photos of them.