library lady.

Recent realizations: Lindsey is my muse. Whenever I need someone to take pictures of, I choose her. She's a babe, and when she wears out-of-control radical outfits like this with chums and 90s workout shirts combined with a lot of denim, I cannot resist.
I snapped these photogs the other day when we went to the SLC library, ate a fine meal at Ruth's Diner and gorged on a few RubySnap cookies to end the day with some good friends. Summer living is pretty nice, right?


Kelli Anderson said...

oh i'm in love.

kylee said...

confession: i have never set foot in the salt lake library. i think i need to add it to my bucket list or something.

Kelli Anderson said...

i am not complaining at all about lindsey as your model. ever.