This girl right here is my dear friend Paige aka one of the prettiest and best human beings in my life. I think Paige may have belonged in a different decade, but I'm sure glad I've got her here in this one with me. Thanks for letting me take your pitcha, bebz. You're a beaut.



Haven't done one of these in a long, long time (2+ years, for shame!). My tablet's been collecting too much dust lately. I resolve to use it more.

Here's my friend Ian, again. What a pal to put up with my constant modeling demands.


a chinese invention

A belated, but beloved birthday greeting to you, America. Thanks for giving me a reason to party all week.



I'm sorry for the lull on this here blog. I've just been soaking up as much sun as possible in the last few weeks and steadily checking off things on my list (5 in one weekend, WOOT!). Don't worry, I still have posts about the conclusion of the semester that I've been meaning to post since, well, the end of the semester. I'll get them up here. Soon.

In the mean time, here are a few of my summer jamz, right here, right now for your playable listening pleasure.
summer//12 by Anna James on Grooveshark