An outtake of one of my previous subjects for my Aggie BluePrint street style section--Behold, I give you Caitlin. Again. 

A few things about Caitlin: she is a phenomenal singer, she's living in Germany for the summer (SO NEAT), and I've always loved her style--warm, autumn-like color schemes, quirky details, and red lipstick. She's a real cutie. Check out her blog here.


Elisha(: said...

she sounds perfect!! checking her out!! :)


Kelli Anderson said...

i swear that is ayley's bow.

oh and i have to throw this is in before i submit the comment. blogger's word verifications are getting way out of hand. #amirite

Kelli Anderson said...

oh and now that i left that comment i realized i never said how beautiful she is.

Anna said...

Been thinking the same thing, Kell. I hated getting spam comments, but I really, REALLY hate these word verifications.

Anna said...

And I really thought this was Ayley's bow, too! Half of why I took it.

Caitlin said...

Anna, you are the coolest. Thanks for taking my picture! I feel famous because I know you!

p.s. are you taking choir again? I hope so!