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In order to make me feel more grateful for my current situation in life and to try to appease the obsessive planning part of me, I'm writing a post about work. So bare with me.

I love working. I always have and I hope I always will. It makes me feel productive, independent and like an adult. And while most feelings that I associate with being an adult scare the crap out of me, this feels good. I've always had mini goals about different jobs and occupations I'd love to do like a movie critic, librarian, Sting's back-up singer, nude photographer, perfume/cologne sniffer, cartographer, part-time antique collector/hoarder, host of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and the person who names nail polishes.

Because frankly, the idea of committing to one job for 30+ years sounds absolutely horrific to me.

Lucky for me, I got to check off one of these goals this year. I've been working at the art museum on campus for a few months and I couldn't be happier about it. and my days are made all the better when I get to hear things like this:

Coworker 1: Ugh, this lady in the tour I was giving just grabbed one of the sculptures! It was so strange. I mean, there is a sign right in front of it that clearly states, "Do not touch."

Coworker 2: Did you then grab her breast so she could understand the level of inappropriateness?

Art jokes. Ahaha.

P.S. Last night, I went to my African dance for 1.5 hours and then went roller skating for 2.5 hours. Ask me how bad my joints hurt right now. My joints hurt so bad right now.


Shelby said...


Sara said...

this made my day.

Brissa said...

i second what shelby said. i have a question to ask you and it's serious. anna james, can i write your biography? we all know you're going to get famous/be known for all your jobs and nail polish names. can i please write it? I'M SERIOUS. i'm not even smiling as i write this. that's how serious i am. you're just so cool and i want to world to read about it in a book.

ayley said...

you really are the coolest.

also you're gorgeous and talented.

also i'm SOOO jealous you are taking african!!! i seriously find it so unbelievably fun and an amazing workout... and the drummers and teachers are amazing!

also... note to self: get new roller blades.

anna said...

sounds like a lovely student life you live! i say you try all of your goals... we're only young once, right? :)


heyyhotmess said...

babe status!

Kelli Anderson said...

you are sooo hot. you'll soar in life anna.

Catherine said...

this is awesome...and yes, this is the third comment i've left on your blog in a matter of 2 minutes. you're the greatest!!!

ps: random, but thank you for the comment about my coral pants in disneyland...i was so apprehensive about getting them and i'm still not sure how i feel about them hahaha.