lizzen up

A playlist for your ears:

It's Okay - Land of Talk (Let's face it. I can't get through this song without sobbing ALSO such a pretty video.)
Go Do - Jonsi
Claudia Lewis - M83 (Really though, the whole album)
Wash - Bon Iver
Shadow Days -- John Mayer
New Piano Song (Live) - Jonsi (also, sobbing because his neighbor is such an idiot.)
Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths (WHAT MOVIE?)
Film - The Bad Plus
Good to Sea - Pinback
Train Song - Feist and Ben Gibbard
Blue Spotted Tail - Fleet Foxes

And one to dance to:
What's Golden - Jurrasic 5


kylee said...

you have music steeze anna. majorly. thank you for remindined me of some of my favorite songs. that land of talk song is beautiful. jonsi, m83, fleet foxes. all so good. i LOVE that you know pinback! and good to sea is one of my favorites of theirs. i feel like not enough people know about pinback. once upon a time they were my favorite band. then i disovered bon iver. speaking of, i'm glad to see wash on the list. did you watch the video i posted on my blog? best bon iver performance i have EVER heard. you serrriously need to hear it. i have to admit, i never knew about the smiths until 500days. i wish i had known them before becasue they're great. john mayer will always be a favorite of mine. vultures makes me swoon.

Kelli Anderson said...

i knew kylee would comment on this post. i love this blog of yours.

Bethany said...

Rerris. That's when the Smiths touched me. I actually have a young Modern art professor who held a moment of silence the day we covered pointalism and Seurat... because we watched the Ferris clip:)

Lucy Eloise said...

I wish we were still roommates. Jus cuz. Okay the smiths song is from two movies. 500 days of summer and never been kissed. Both greats. Okay bye Anna

Lucy Eloise said...

Oh and I'll know I have made it when I know all the songs on your list. I did know a lot of them this time so I'm on my way.

Anna said...

LUCY YOU'RE SO COOL. And such a dork. You've already made it. And I wish we were roomies too. Every now and then I get a pang of nostalgia for freshmen year. Those were fun times.

And yes, all three of those movies. But the one that comes to my mind first is Never Been Kissed. When the girl's best friend is at the dance and she departs from her DNA strand to dance with guy and then someone throws dog food on her. ALPO. So rude.

Anna said...

And Bethany, I love you. I'm so glad you read my blog. All of you, really.

Anna said...

AND KYLEE. Your comment is the best. Music steeze? OMG so flattered. We are music soulmates, I feel.