A year ago today I was on a plane coming home from a truly wonderful and life-changing experience and what better time to put up photos of the wonderful place that I lived and loved in than a year later, right? Because posting these on some sort of anniversary justifies how long it has taken me to put these pictures up. Ha.

I love this place and I miss it every day. I got to know dimensions and parts of myself that I never knew existed and I learned more about myself, human kind, patience, and charity in those few short months than I have in most of my lifetime. A part of my heart will always be in there in that quaint city with those orphans.

 En mi corazon para siempre.

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kylee said...

This is the best. But really. Gets me so excited for my trip to India!

ayley said...


Kelli Anderson said...

oohh anna i love these. you're perfect.

anna said...

love these images. they're stunning, really.


abby. said...

LOVE the black and white one of the swing. And of course the one at the end.

My friend (who's also into photography) just got called to Quito, Ecuador on her mission, and I referred her to your blog for all the pictures. These are so great. (smiley face)

Catherine said...

thanks for sharing these pictures, anna. i'll say it before and i'll say it again, you have an amazing life and you have many incredible things ahead of you!!

Hannah Joy said...

These are such awesome pictures! I love what you value as awesome captures, cuz...they ARE indeed awesome.

Elisha(: said...

hey anna?? yeahh. you. guess what??? your my new FAVORITE blogger!!! :D yes.. FAVORITE. I love missions with all my heart, and I see you do too. wanna be pen pals?? I'd DIE if you agreed... well email me and let me know? oldbluejeans98@gmail.com

these pictures are so so so beautiful. just precious, innocent, and beautiful. <3